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The Experience


The Experience

So, you’re interested in having me turn you into art? My goal with every session is to create photos that exude sensuality, confidence, playfulness and boldness. If you’ve made it this far then you’ve seen the images on my website, read the reviews of many happy clients and you want to do this for yourself! I have worked hard to create an experience from session to the product you receive that is packaged to pamper! If you are looking for just “sexy” photos, that is just a small piece of what you will receive.  You will feel amazing during and after the session, you will forget about whatever has held you back before on feeling absolutely beautiful, because you know what?  You are beautiful, and you deserve to have this experience.

I strongly believe the key of beautiful photography is the connection the photographer has with their subject, their muse that inspires the artist. Whether it be a photoshoot with celebrities, fashion models, or folks sitting for their first portrait session, everyone becomes a muse in front of my camera. I have a natural ability to connect and make my clients feel comfortable so I can draw out your personality during your session. So I capture YOU. I have been doing this for 15 years and have always specialized in every body type and comfort level. I believe the true purpose of my work is to help empower others to embrace who they are as they are.

Sessions with me take place in Portland Oregon and sessions with me and my partner, Angelina Luciana, take place in Phoenix, Honolulu, Laguna Beach, Napa and occasional spontaneous Pop Ups Events in Portland Oregon and Ventura California. You can read more about these here: Booking

In the past, I had everything set up through my operations manager and husband Sean. I had to retire for 4 years to address my health issues and he has since moved on to other ventures (check him out at O’Riginals Trading Co.) and I have discovered amazing booking and processing software that not only is completely online but also gives my clients private online access to all of their documents and correspondence on the platform as well. The online booking process is streamlined in one place on the booking portal page where clients can click on the location of interest and book their session.

Once your session has been booked, you have chosen how you wish to complete the payment schedule/method of payment of your order requirement/package of your choice, and your contract is signed, you are off to the races planning what to wear! We provide you with a Planning Guide & Session Checklist to make the process easier. Two weeks before your session, you will receive the address of the venue, what size sheets to bring for the bedroom set portion of your photoshoot and final tips to keep in mind for the day of your session. We find this helps calm nerves by giving a little more information to our clients so they feel prepared by knowing what to expect.

Your session will start with one hour in hair and makeup in a private room at the event venue. During this time, you have the opportunity to browse through product such as Luxury Albums and Signature Presentation Boxes. Your time with the makeup artist is your time to allow yourself to be pampered. If there are any photos of the makeup/hair look you desire for your photoshoot, please save them on your phone or print them out for the makeup artist and be sure to show her before you begin. You will then have 90 minutes of photoshoot time with Rachel (and Angelina if you are booked for a travel session or a Pop Up event.) Many clients say they forget they are having a photoshoot because it feels like hanging out with girlfriends. That is what we want! We want your time to be all about you! How often do we really get to let ourselves have that feeling? And once we get shooting, I love watching the anxiety and insecurities melt away as I show my clients some images in my camera. The disbelief and delight! I get to be part of a moment for someone, a moment where they’ve let go of all the things that tell them they aren’t beautiful and actually SEE THEMSELVES for the beautiful person that they are, sometimes for the first time in their lives. Such an intensely beautiful moment! 

Once your session is complete and you float on home high on feel good vibes, you will receive your online proofing gallery a week later. You have a week to make your image selections included in the package you purchased and to upgrade your product package. I recommend getting me your selections asap if you have any time crunches since I work orders in the order they come in to me. Once I get your image selections, I will work your order which takes up to 3 weeks. If you purchased our best selling client favorite, the Digital Package, you’re all set! I will send you an email with a private link to download your images or you can download them from our mobile app. If you purchased a package with printed products, I will work the images and send you web copies of them for approval prior to printing. I do not take retouching requests to change your body or shape of face or any other excessive editing but I do want to make sure you are thrilled with the images so if there is something you would like done or toned down, you have the opportunity to send me a revision request to help me know what I can improve for you before your images go to print. I want you to love the images as much as I do!

Signature Presentation Boxes


Luxury Albums


The Luxury Albums feature a wrap around design, you can choose from soft real, faux or glamorous metallic leather, linen or velvet covers, with uv coated hardbound pages, with beautiful professionally printed luster images, and finished with either black, silver or gold gilding. You can also upgrade to a stunning metallic or acrylic cover as shown in the image above.

Each photo you choose is professionally edited and approved by you before the products are ordered. Each product is professional and the best quality in the industry.

Since packages are all pre-paid, you will receive your order within 3 weeks of submitting your proofing gallery selections. Product for clients outside of Oregon is subject to applicable CA sales tax + shipping, payable before we ship your product. There is no sales tax in Oregon so Portland clients just need to cover shipping fees for any printed product they purchase.



Where is your studio?
I don’t like the idea of shooting in studios and instead enjoy keeping my work fresh by shooting in private rental homes or hotel suites.

What do I wear?
I strongly believe in presenting in wardrobe that makes you feel awesome and to keep it simple! I recommend perusing my website to find inspiration from the images of clients I have showcased there. The most important thing is that whatever you do choose, you feel comfortable in it and it fits properly. We send all clients a Planning Guide that addresses wardrobe more in depth.

Why do I need Professional Hair & Makeup?
I have the BEST hair and makeup artists that I have been working with for many years. If you’ve never had your a professional hair and makeup experience before then you might think you don’t need one for your photoshoot. Here’s why you do and why I include hair and makeup for all my sessions. Our every day makeup is not the same as photography makeup. What we would consider “heavy” will not show up on camera, it will look as if we have nothing on. Certain color combinations will show up completely different or muted, highlighters will be white or chalky, blushes will look red, makeup will look completely different if I am using natural light or constant light. A professional hair and makeup artist knows the difference and will apply the makeup like a wizard so you will look flawless on camera. When you look in the mirror it will look heavy, however on camera, it will look polished. If you would like to know more about my Hair & Makeup Artist, please visit their websites at Glynne Davies and Madi Makeup & Hair

How will I know what to do before the session?
Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. You will receive emails from us every step of the way along with a Planning Guide with a Session Checklist.

Will you share my photos without me knowing?
Absolutely not! Every client has the option to opt in or out of me using their images. I will never share your images without your consent.

Do I have to go nude?
Absolutely not! Your session is completely driven by your comfort. These photos are for you and it is my job to deliver what you want. I never make my clients do anything they don’t want to do. Above all, I always keep it classy! I do, however, know that clients who do not do the bedroom set, always regret it. Bedroom sets with a sheet to use to cover up or implied nudes, are always where my clients experience the most anxiety and the most empowerment facing down the fear that can rob us of joy when we are faced with feeling vulnerable. I promise you that you are in good hands. I urge my clients to do them and worst case scenario, you don’t select any. If you ever feel uncomfortable, let me know, and we can go a different route. This is your time!

Can I bring a friend or family member?
We think we will be more comforted with a friend, or family member there, however you will not be able to “let go” with someone else there who is not participating in the shoot. No matter how comfortable you are with the person you think you want to bring, you just will not be able to relax and enjoy your photo session or be able to connect with me because your attention will be divided between me and your chaperone there watching. It gets uncomfortable. This is your time, your experience, your photo shoot. A great option is to book together! I have a lot of clients want to do this with a friend so they book together. Check out my page more information and available discounts for Groups

Do you shoot couples?
Yes! I love working with couples! Since there is another person to edit in the images, I do charge an additional fee for couples but it is nominal at only $150. I only book couples in the last session of the day so please choose the 6:30pm time slot. More info on my page for Couples


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