Julie, NYC
” I just want you to know that your work is important. My session with you truly was life changing, and I don’t even have the pics yet. I didn’t expect it to have such an impact on me, but boy did it! I’m more confident, feel more beautiful all the time, and am finding it easier to take care of me. I’ve lost ten pounds since that session and had to buy a new belt. I’m wearing red lipstick as often as possible, and I’m referring all my friends to you, showing the teaser pic whenever I dare! Thanks a million!”

“i wept (seriously WEPT), i giggled in memory of each of the moments (especially the smiles you drew out of me), I stared agape, i fell in love…with you and most importantly with ME, finally!!!…thanks for what no one else has ever been able to give me. You are doing something so special I need a thesaurus to articulate it properly. Rachel, thank you!”

“Rachel is the absolute best there is out there. Period.”

Denise, BOSTON
“Rachel, I am stunned beyond words with my picture. I have not seen this girl in 25 years, and in a selfish way am happy to know that she still exists. At first this was a Xmas gift for the hubby but I think I just gave myself the wonderful gift of confidence and empowerment. My heart is grateful to you, and your choosen profession. 47? Let’s try 27. I feel like Cinderella and you my friend are my Fairy God Sista!”

Melineh, NYC
“Rachel, I wanted to send a belated thank you for the amazing pictures you took for me in March. I gave them to my husband as a gift for our wedding a few weeks ago and…his face almost fell off when he saw them! In truth, I originally took the pictures for him, but the experience was so wonderful and the pictures were so great that it wound up being a great gift to myself as well. Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable during the shoot and for taking such great pictures. You really have an incredible talent and I’m glad I was able to experience it first hand.”

“Rachel I just wanted to tell you that I HAD one of the BEST times in my life today. You are wonderful as is Lindsey. She did such a wonderful job on my hair and makeup. I can’t thank you enough. You made me feel so relaxed and so incredibly beautiful. I’ll remember and treasure this day forever!!! You’re one in a million.”

“Rachel! I tell you, Los Angeles will forever remain one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life for so many reasons. Not the least of which is you! You made the evening exciting, less frightening, magical! Sounds corny but so true. As the mom of three and wife of 10 years, it is not often anymore that I perceive myself as delicious but I did that night! The photos I have seen so far remind me of someone I once knew and loved and it is delightful to know that she is still able to shine. Rachel, we have recommended and raved and gushed to all who will listen, even to some who didn’t! Your make-up and hair gals were kind and non-judgemental which is so important to those of us who possess less than ideal pores and thighs! I know this is rambling on but this broad thinks you are really something! It was beyond worth the trip from Wyoming to LA for my shoot! Keep up the good work! Thank you! When I look at the web site I feel like a star! From: the wife and mom who needed desperately to be reminded that she is a sensual gorgeous woman!”

Carrine, LONDON
“Worth the trip to the US. Best money I’ve ever spent. It’s like therapy with a lens. Cheers.”

“Rachel, I wanted to send you a quick THANK YOU! You girls made this experience so wonderful! The entire session went by so fast, I had so much fun and I didn’t want to leave when it was over! I am still walking on clouds! I was so apprehensive because I had done this with a male photographer years ago and it was not a good experience for me and I was less than pleased with the pictures. I felt like he was there to feed his ego, not mine. You turned all that around. You weren’t kidding when you say Sirens is packaged to pamper! I STILL feel like a princess a week later! I can’t wait to see my proofs. I can’t see how you can improve on what you showed me on your camera during my session but I am anxiously awaiting for you to work your magic! I am not in my twenties anymore but you managed to make me feel more beautiful than I have ever felt in my life. Thank you for that. You have no idea.”

Jennifer, HONOLULU
“Rachel, I’m 41, about to deploy to Afghanistan one last time and then retire but I have only now decided what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be the kind of woman that can bring EXTREME happiness, excitement and butterflies (in the belly) to other women by way of showing them the beauty they possess but may have forgotten or never knew they had! I, too, was literally shaking while I looked through my gallery! I will be looking for you two for my dose of feminism come Jan 2011!!! Love, hugs and giggles Ladies!!”

“Rachel – all I can say is WOW!!! A few pictures I had to look at a few times to even see that it really was me! I have never felt so beautiful. I am so glad I made this decision and spent the money for this, it was worth every penny. I am going to get my favorite prints and put them up in my room to inspire me when I have a bad day that I am a strong and beautiful woman. My friends have nothing but great words to say about them and a few are going to try to shoot with you when you are back down here next year. Ladies, trust Rachel and you will NOT be disappointed! Thanks again for making me feel like a real woman!”

“I was nervous when I first went to take pictures with Rachel. And given that I used to perform frequently as a professional dancer, I felt that I shouldn’t have been. But there is something difficult about getting in front of a camera. There is a feeling that the camera won’t be your friend; that it will somehow find and highlight all your flaws… all those things you pick out and criticize when you look in the mirror. Rachel turned all that around. She uses her genuine warmth and humor to strip some of that anxiety away and then, when she shows you some of those first great shots, all the rest of your fear flies out the window. I literally laughed with delight when I saw mine. Rachel’s gift is taking gorgeous photographs. The gift to us is not only feeling gorgeous in that moment, but having those images to remind us, for the rest of our lives, of what amazing women we truly are. Rachel is an incredible artist and I wish I could send every woman I know to her, for the chance to see themselves through Rachel’s eyes. The confidence that comes from this experience stays with you.”

Colleen, ATLANTA
“I just saw my proofs and am literally in tears. I cannot believe that is me. When I came to you, I was hoping to do this to see myself differently. Being in the military and getting ready to deploy to Iraq, I wanted to feel beautiful, feminine…have something to remember in case anything happened over there…now, looking at the pictures, I just feel so full of gratitude. Not only do Ithe pictures look beautiful but I FEEL beautiful. I have never felt that way before. Thank you for everything that you do for women. Thank you for what you did for me!”

“Rachel, you are so great. I’ve always avoided cameras because I’ve never felt good about my pictures. You are amazing! The women you photograph have such beautiful results including myself. This was a gift to my husband and he just loved them. I keep going back to look at my pictures and I can’t believe how beautiful they are. Thank you so much, You have been blessed with such an incredible talent. Ladies, if you’re hesitant, don’t be, you will be amazed at your results, you are beautiful and worth it. Rachel will bring out that beauty in her pictures for all to see.”

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Seriously, I had such a fantastic time Sunday, I was so excited to come home. I couldn’t believe how laid back and NOT nervous I felt! hehe Hubby loved the “rocker” look! lol I just felt so confident, haven’t felt that way in a long time and it was great! I hope to work with you ladies in the future, seriously you’ve got a GREAT thing goin’! Can’t wait for the pictures! 😀 Mahalo!”

” Rachel, you have an amazing gift! This was an incredible experience and I look forward to another one in the near future. I walked away with a different perception of beauty and that is that it lies within us all, and being comfortable in our skin…no matter what shape, size, color and so forth…the important thing is that once we love oneself we radiate our inner beauty. Ladies, if you want to do this, let me tell you, the investment is well worth it. Pamper yourself and celebrate the beauty in you!”

“Rachel, you are such a good photographer! I remember mentioning that you had a nice camera, but only the best photographer can utilize that camera and create amazing pictures. I can’t wait to get my coffee book!!

Ladies, you will love her. SHE IS THE BEST! Rachel will turn you into a diva, goddess, model, or whoever you are inside. You see all these Sirens’ photos in the gallery and you don’t think you can look like that. Then when you see yourself, it’s such an amazing feeling. I know because I just saw mine!!!”

“Rachel thank you. You captured my essence perfectly. What was to be a gift for my husband, turns out to be the best thing I ever did for myself. Ladies, Rachel has the artistic talent and you have the beauty. Treat yourself to a fun and fantastic indulgence that is certainly an E ticket! Bring your sense of style and imagination and remember men really do love their women naked!”

“Rachel, thank you! Not just for what you do but for being you! You bring a lot of beauty to the world. The book turned out amazing! Thank you for the whole experience, it was above and beyond my expectations!”

“Rachel, I wanted to write you right away and let you know what a fabulous time I had yesterday at my shoot! You really put me at ease and made it so much fun! You were very encouraging through out the shoot which made it much easier for me to loosen up. I cannot wait to see the proofs in a few weeks and I REALLY can’t wait to present my husband with such a personal, enticing gift that will last a lifetime! You are excellent at what you do and I am so glad I chose you as my photographer! Thank you again for an experience that every woman should have, even if it’s just for herself!”

“Oh Rachel! My order came, as well as my stunning prints. Thank you!!!!! Everything is beautiful and the lie flat pages are stunning. I love what you did for my book layout. There were so many beautiful photos to choose from, you made it hard to pare them down! Your extra time and attention to my photos was not unnoticed!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Can I used more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole experience has been really wonderful. I came in feeling like a frumpy mom, now I feel BEAUTIFUL! My hubby was unsure about it at first, but he is so pleased with the pictures, he could not resist showing them to a few of our close friends. Everyone agrees your work is simply the very best.”

“Hi Rachel! Just wanted to let you know that we received the book and you should have seen his face! I bet he’s still sporting that goofy grin at work today… Looks like the gallery wrap will arrive later today. Thank you so much, it was the best gift ever!”

“OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have it, my book, in my hands, and Rachel it is truly outstanding! A thing of rare and dangerous beauty! Wow. Wonderful wonderful wonderful – thank you a million times! I will write again after I give this to my honey and get to see his reaction… you are a true artist – thank you so much!”

“Rachel, I just got my book! WOW, you are incredible!!! Thank you, thank you! We found Friday out that I’m pregnant (we’d planned to start a family right after the photo session). Funny how it was IMMEDIATELY after. Sexy hair & make up seemed to do the trick, and we know the exact date of conception, which simplifies planning. Another crazy story and fun testimonial to the power of harnessing our inner siren!”

“I’ve been meaning to email to thank you for the wonderful experience! I told my boyfriend it almost doesnt matter what the pics look like the experience was so great!! Thank you!”

“I’m still in AWWWWWE!! I still can’t believe that was me, you had such faith all I could do was trust you!! I’m very fortunate and honored you choose my photo to post.. What a privilege for just a moment in time to get a glimpse of such a Blessed talent as yourself!!!! TO ALL THOSE INNER SIRENS LET HER OUT INTO THE LIGHT OF DAY, SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT TO SEE!”

Valerie, ATLANTA
“Just to let you know, I have been crying all day. Meeting you has been life changing. Not just for the gorgeous photographs but because you have an amazing gift of leading people to see their true beauty. I am forever transformed because of our meeting. I know I have found a true treasure and I look forward to seeing you again! “

“Rachel, You nailed it- you captured my beauty before I turned 40 and I am thrilled! My whole self-image is changing for the better. Thank you so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ariel, NYC
“Rachel, I am blown away by these pictures. Seriously? That is ME?! I just keep watching the slideshow over and over. The feeling is hard to describe, it’s like falling in love. Thank you! I will see you next year, heck, every year! THANK YOU!”

“Hi Rachel, I just wanted to thank you for the exciting time I had at the sirens session this past weekend in Boston. You were able to calm this nervous woman down (even to the point of allowing a naked back shot ….ahhhhh!) Thank you for making me feel so special and beautiful. It was a really fun experience for me and I can hardly wait to see the proofs! Your makeup artist did a fabulous job with my hair and makeup. Thank you for attempting to capture my fantasy self (the other Marilyn in the sequined dress) on film! You made this 50th birthday something I will never forget. I truly appreciate that.”

“I had my pics done last night and I fell in love. With me…I felt so beautiful when I left the hotel. I felt special…something I haven’t felt in a long time. I felt that I was the absolute most gorgeous woman rachel has ever photographed. Rachel made me feel this way. I needed that at this point in my life. I am not comfortable in my own skin. I’m not the type to even strip down in bed, but within 30 minutes of meeting Rachel I was naked and loving it!!! Last night was the beginning of a new me…a more daring, more confident me. It might sound silly ( or maybe you hear this all the time) but Because of you, I’m going to be a better me. I never felt so included, safe (to share my secrets) and beautiful before. Rachel and her makeup artist felt like old friends to me when I left….not judgemental or just that I was there so they could make a buck. I wasn’t rushed, I wasn’t laughed at, I was a Siren!! You have been given a calling. A calling to make women feel important and beautiful no matter what size they are. And thats important because its easy to feel ugly in this day and age. This was the best thing I’ve done in forever!!! Thank You And I will be taking you out for drinks soon (I’m going to become a Rachel Groupie)!!!!”

“oh my god…Rachel!! aaaahhh! I’m squealing like a little kid!! I LOVE them! It’s going to be hard choosing….oh my god, thank you SO much….they are AMAZING! I can’t wait to show my boyfriend!! I will be in touch, thank you so much!!”

“I received my images today and wanted to say thank you! The book is exquisite and every page is a beautiful piece of art. It’s truly a treasure that I will admire for years to come. I look forward to receiving the rest of my order and I can’t thank you enough!”

“Thank you Rachel. I’m sitting here in my bathrobe looking at the sirens book and I am speechless. You are amazing! Truly talented doesn’t even begin to describe your work. Thank you for making me feel so beautiful. Your photography is beyond outstanding. Thank you!”

‘Rachel, You are a miracle worker, a goddess and a wonderful human being. Rachelle and I had a blast in Washington. You took two teachers who are quiet and reserve and gave us a time of laughter and beauty and such joy…I am awed by your talent and your spirit. For me personally, you were able to find a level of beauty I never really allowed myself to still believe existed. Thank you a million times over. I hope millions of other women get the chance to experience the fun and joy I know I did. You are a jewel. Hugs always, ‘Ms. “Retro”

“Rachel, we received our product yesterday and WOW…. What can I say? We are just blown away!!! Your attention to detail is amazing. I have never looked so beautiful in my life. My skin is like buttercream and my eyes are so alive. Thank you and thank you to your makeup artist. You make a beautifully lethal combination. For those who admire Rachel, book a session, the experience alone is worth it.”

“I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life. I haven’t even seen my proofs yet but you know, it doesn’t even matter. I know I am going to love them and I just wanted to thank you for making me feel something I have never felt before. Beautiful. Thank you!”

Rosemary, NYC
“Hi Rachel, I just got my order — looking back to when I first dreamed of this project when you were in Boston last year and I could not do it then all the way to this moment, as I just looked at my book for the first time. I could go on & on about it, make all kinds of wild statements, but I think it best to say it sim…ply and without reservation: only, you are THE BEST at what you do. There could be no one better on the face of the earth. THANK YOU. AND I WILL see you in September.”

“I don’t even know what to say Rachel, other than ‘I want MORE!’”

“I just got home from my session and I want to let you know that I’m telling everybody about you. I was a little worried (okay a lot worried) because I’m a 50 something FLUFFY African American Grandma. It’s not every day people say you are pretty. Let’s face it, in this country they never say it to anybody over a size 4. You and your makeup artist worked me over, propped me up, sang Alicia Keys with me and made me beautiful. When you showed me some of the shots I got so teary eyed because you found someone that even I didn’t know existed. Please let women know they need to do this for THEMSELVES. When we see for ourselves what we can be no one else can ever make us less. Love you Goddesses (and Sean too). Can’t wait to see the proofs. Thanks again!!”

Tonya & Ken, DALLAS
“Rachel, I truly can not tell you how grateful I am! But here’s my attempt: Tonya’s (Our) session with you two was approached with hopes/dreams from me that were almost unfathomable. I dreamed of her making an instant connection of trust, a quick transformation from “lady” to classy, erotic elegant “Beauty” and then spending hours feeling like “Pinup Royalty” as you work your magic. Well, my sights were too low. Rachel Stephens and her makeup artists are masters in the craft of “Diva Artistry”. Like many other ladies have said before, its not just about getting great poses/shots. This experience reveals something new, fresh, exciting and liberating out of a woman that 99.99% of ladies never know or they denign and repress deep inside. My respect for Tonya was already high before this but now, beyond a shadow of doubt, I see her as bold, courageous, adventurous and of course she’s still SMOKIN HOT after 18 years of marriage! Hold true to “why you do” what you do. It makes all the difference. Thanks !”

“Rachel, I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel even more beautiful than I did after the shoot. However, when the teasers arrived I was so amazed. I look like a supermodel not a mother of two! Last night I looked through my online gallery and my jaw dropped! Wow! You have an amazing ability to bring out the beautiful woman that I forgot existed. I spend my days working full time and raising two kids, I am usually running around with little to no makeup and my hair in a pony tail. I forgot that there is a beautiful woman inside just dying to come out! I can’t thank you enough for reminding me that she does exists. My shoot was so fun and left me feeling beautiful both inside and out. You are a wonderful and talented woman. I am so glad you came into my life! Don’t be surprised if you see me on your books again next time you are in SF!”

Stephanie, HONOLULU
“Rachel, you and your makeup artist are amazing women! I had such a blast!! I walked in nervous as all hell and before I knew it I was tromping around naked without a care….weird!! Thank you both so very much for Sunday, it was quite an experience. I will remember these photos when I am out there on deployment all sweaty and gross in uniform. Thank you!”

Karen, NYC
” In a word – amazing…. Every woman has a siren inside her and one of the best ways to unleash the siren within – is to have a session with Rachel. I have always wanted to express myself in a manner (photos) like this, but never knew how to go about it. Then one day I found her. I didn’t even have to think twice because it was exactly what I was looking for and I knew that RSP was the way to do it… I have done 2 sessions already and gearing up for a 3rd some time later this year. It is a gift to myself and anyone I wish to share it with… Thanks ladies…love ya bunches!!!”

“I’ve done two sessions with Rachel and can’t wait for a third, every time I’m in front of her camera, I feel like a goddess. Sexy, confident, comfortable and I always have a great time too. If you have a woman in your life you know who needs to feel amazing about herself, I’d recommend a session with Doctor Rachel any day! My first session was right after a nasty divorce, I felt out of shape, insecure and unlovely…but after viewing the pictures I was floored and realized that I had this wonderful, confident, sexy tigress inside of me just waiting to come out and rule the world! It was the best therapy a woman could ask for! I don’t know about the rest of you but all I wanna do is splash my pictures all over the internet and my home!”

“My experience with Rachel Stephens was truly a memorable one that will forever be emblazoned in my experience as self-empowering, sexy and confident! I am a teacher and a divorced mother of one son who wholeheartedly believes in the power of creating for herself the optimally, independent, happy- filled life we all deserve and covet. I have nothing but the highest praise and gratitude for the artistic talent to bring out within yourself the truth of your own beauty. I wish for everyone to experience for herself the life-changing power of unleashing your fullest potential by trusting it to a professional who genuinely can envision the beauty before we sometimes see it in ourselves!”

“Rachel, (this is long, but worth it:) I just wanted to take a moment, post-feeling amazing and totally high on the beauty pouring out of me:), to thank all of you for what you contributed to today. I called this discovery into my life several years ago. I wanted to do something for myself, when I was at a point that I loved and saw myself as I am, and not as I had seen myself for so many years. I finally felt ready to commit a few weeks ago and I googled to take a look at what was out there for this kind of experience. Yours was the first one I saw and I sank into the pictures on your website for hours wondering if you could do that to me. Rachel, you and your makeup artist immediately made me feel totally comfortable and unstoppable. I think you are both so courageous and wonderful to give that gift to so many women. You felt like my sisters, and not many girls can get to that point with me (my sisters are gold…so I have high standards), especially within the first 5 minutes!! I got to look like I wanted to and had so much fun posing with Rachel. I really felt beautiful, and that isn’t always the case. I’m stoked that you are women, cuz it makes me feel good to be grouped with people that are doing something so awesome, really. What a confidence booster! It’s so funny how comfortable I felt naked with you, Rachel. I always felt that you were doing everything to show beauty and art. The compliments you give during the shoot are really awesome, too. It matters to hear those things and sadly, in life most women hardly ever hear those things. I hope you both hear those affirmations everyday! Anyway, you probably hear this all of the time (awesome!) but you changed my life a little today. I am moved. I can never go back to where I was. Thank you so much from way deep down inside this big heart with eyelashes and bridgette bardot hair! Be good to yourselves! You will most definitely be seeing me again, and I will totally tell everyone I think of about Sirens. Many blessings to you and everyone who touches you, because you have touched so many!”

“YOU! today was one of the most memorable days of my life. Seriously, there are no words to describe what i’m feeling so all i can say for now is, “Thank you!” Thank you so much for being you and thank you for the movement of empowerment that you’ve created for all women. My friends saw it and they were so impressed, getting high off of my high. You are simply the best and I am indebted. I love you!”

“After my ex took away my femininity and made me feel really ugly and insecure, I found Rachel during a time when I was rebuilding myself and relearning my femininity. Her photos don’t adequately express the amazing feeling that each woman experiences. It’s the most tremendous confidence boost and something every woman deserves to experience at least once in her life! It’s loving yourself, learning to be comfortable with your own body, nude or otherwise, and appreciating the beauty you already have, rather than longing to be someone else. Rachel gives that gift to women… I was so grateful to have that gift and be a part of Sirens.”

“I’m looking (and looking and looking) at my pictures. Don’t you just love falling in love [with yourself!] again??!! And let me tell you, my husband is too. Thank you thank you thank you. All this beauty, Rachel just takes these gorgeous women and give us some polish. To quote my friend Sassy: Walk straight and be proud!”

“Rachel!! I just looked at my digital images that you are amazing. You made me look sexy and confident! I love them. I can’t wait to get my book. Thank you again for letting me see the inner me and have fun with you. I hope to do a couples shoot in November when you come back to Hawaii! Thanks again for everything you do for all women out there.”

‘back in august of 09 i had the experience of a life time and i must write to thank you for it..about 1 to 2yrs ago i decided that i wanted to take some nice pin up or sexy pictures for my husband and myself. i did a search on google and found many photographers that offered these types of photos. i searched and looked at all the different pictures and styles of the photographers. i came across rachel stephens photography and i immediately stopped and was taken back by the amazing work i saw. i marked this on my favorites on my computer. about 2 years later i was finally ready to do the pictures. i went back to your site and put in a request for more information. from that moment on i experienced nothing but professionalism and friendliness to the utmost. i got my information that i requested right away and the scheduling was smooth and easy. all the information i got was so helpful and detailed. it really helped me get ready for my shoot. the day finally arrived! i was so nervous the night before, i was literally sick to my stomach. in august 09 at the roosevelt hotel i finally met you, Rachel! WOW! from the moment i stepped in the door , i was put at ease. you made me laugh and feel so comfortable that getting in that bed naked was a breeze. not to mention your makeup artist, she was amazing. i have NEVER and I mean NEVER looked the way I did that day in my life. the photo shoot was amazing, what a blast. it was such a great thing to feel so confident and sexy..something that i never really felt before. you showed me some of the pics you took on your camera and I couldn’t believe that was me i was starring at! rachel, you are one of a kind, the magic that you create with your lens is amazing and your personal touch is amazing! i haven’t been the same since that day in aug…i walk straighter . i shimmy a little more and i smile more. rachel, this is your calling! making women of any size look and feel sexy, pretty and beautiful! so, now i get my proofs about a month later…i had no words to express what i saw. i had tear in my eyes. i’m a mother of 2 little ones, who works long nights and does a whole lot all the time…i don’t look or feel pretty on a day to day basis. let me tell you, when i saw that slide show.. i was blown away! my husband, well he had a WTF moment. i sent him an email with the proof you sent me and he couldn’t wait to get home! anyone who has seen these pictures, and let me tell you, i show them off, says they have never seen work like this before! Rachel, thank you from the bottom of my heart.. i will never forget you and what you did for me internally and externally! love, lynette”

‘O.K. Ladies….I just got all of my product in. AMAZING. Rachel, you have made me want to keep looking at myself over and over again. Ladies, whether you do this for your man or you do it for yourself, you’ve got to do it. It’s very empowering!!!!!”

“I have never felt sexy or beautiful in my entire life until I met you, Rachel. My husband wants to know what your address is so he can send you flowers! Thank you for showing me ME! I can’t wait to do it again and again and again!”

“Rachel, I am blown away by these pictures. Seriously? That is ME?! I just keep watching the slideshow over and over. The feeling is hard to describe, it’s like falling in love. Thank you! I will see you next year, heck, every year! THANK YOU!”

“As a woman who is just shy of 50 years old, and never has been the kind to think I was “SEXY” due to my own concerns about my body image,  I decided to try something new a good friend had told me about. (Rachele Stephens) When I went to my session I was very nervous, as I had never done anything like this before.  My make up artist Lindsey made me laugh and release some fears.  I have never been the makeup type but  when I got to see what Lindsey did it was like ‘who is that?! Is that me?’    Upon moving to my photo shoot Rachel made me feel so relaxed without even trying , your personality plus the  professionalism  you show shined in the session.  My fears subsided and I just became more comfortable with each picture you took. I left my session feeling like a new woman to say the least, once I seen my proofs I was like WOW I am sexy! All I can say is THANK YOU for making me feel so beautiful and encouraging me to show some of my sexy side!”

“Dear Rachel and Sean, I just wanted to write you a short note sharing with you what a fantastic time I had during our session last summer.  As I mentioned to Rachel during our session, my body image is something I have struggled with almost all of my adult life.  Thanks to you both—particularly Rachel’s bold and refreshing views on this subject—I left that session (before seeing a single proof) feeling more confident and beautiful than I had in years.  The absolutely stunning photos were a joy.  There are a ton of photographers out there trying to sell the same product.  But there are remarkably few who do it with the grace, poise and compassion that you all do. Thanks again, and hope to see you soon!”

“Rachel, First time around, I was scared shitless. Second time around, I was feeling like a superstar. Third time around, I’m going to want to feel like I rule the world (well, at least during the entire day of my session). My experience with Rachel… empowering moments to say the least. It’s given me the confidence to be happy with myself and the ambition to work harder than ever to get my butt back into shape – then go a third time with this amazing and skillful woman. On the not-so-happy days, I crack out my Sirens’ books and just gawk in amazement, still not believing what has been done to transform me from a girl to a woman. I can’t wait to do it again! Thank you so much, Rachel… for EVERYTHING.”

“I met Rachel at a point last year in my life when I was a little bit, well, down. The anniversary of the death of my fiance was THAT DAY of the shoot, I was just starting to lose weight, and was questioning my confidence in myself….one session with Rachel, her kickass optimism, and that camera made me smile for weeks later, even when I felt like things were crumbling all around me. I’d done professional photoshoots and fashion shows in the past and I can say this without fail….Rachel is the BEST at what she does….and she does it with a smile, encouragement, and best of all, the belief that we are all beautiful and unique….we just need to remind ourselves of it from time to time…..Great, now I’m crying again just thinking about how much that many to me…dangit!!! I loves me some Rachel….and Sean!”

“Thanks so much for such a great time, We can’t wait for the teasers to come out much less wait for proofs! I have never felt such an amazing, intimate and empowering evening shared with my husband….. words can not explain the emotions that we walked away with, and the pictures you have shown us make us that much more anxious to see the proofs and get pictures. You are truly an amazing woman…. and Thanks Lindsey for working your magic and making me look so beautiful!!!”

Jennifer, PHOENIX
“Rachel, I received my photos and to say they are absolutely BREATHTAKING doesn’t begin to describe these photos…I am speechless and utterly grateful for your talent!!”

“Rachel, You have forever changed the way I look at myself in a mirror. I could not find anything beautiful or even pretty and thought my girlfriend was crazy when she tried to tell me how she sees me.  Your work has shown me that there is something beautiful in my reflection and that I am actually a sexy woman. My experience with you will remain in my top memories along with giving birth and my commitment ceremony. You are amazing with how you made me feel comfortable and in that one hour I felt as if I had known you my entire life. You are a miracle worker with a camera and a great personality that every woman should get to experience knowing even if for only one shoot. Thank you with all my heart.”

“Rachel and Sean, Thank you….thank you….thank you! Rachel, I had an awesome time on Sunday….or should I say – we (me, Julie, Lisa and Betty) had an awesome time on Sunday.  You are an amazing person in so many ways.  Thank you for making me feel like a million dollars and feeling so incredibly sexy.  You are right – you have the gift!   I haven’t even seen the pictures yet and have to say that you will have a repeat customer! Thank you!!”

“OMGoooodnesss!! What a blast and now we have to be the ladies that we are and some how patiently wait for the pics. I’m already thinking about when you come back to Hawaii in November. More, more, we all just want more!!! It truly is addictive once you’ve experienced Rachel and her makeup artist. You brought the sexy out in us and with smiles. We love you and thank you for the memory!!!”

“Rachel, I showed up for my session self-conscious and shy, but you put me at ease right away and got me laughing. When I saw myself in the mirror after the makeup artist made me up I was captivated; I could scarcely believe I was looking at myself. The session was a whirlwind, and so damn enjoyable! You made me feel like a super model. Even before I got my proofs I felt more confident, smiled more, and started wearing red lipstick whenever I felt like it, no reason required. I was trying to lose weight- weight that I gained after becoming a custodial stepmother of five literally overnight in 2006- and after my session, the last ten pounds just kind of vanished. I even had to get a new belt. The Sirens session was a surprise Christmas gift for my husband; I had no idea what a gift I would be giving to myself. I have these pictures on my walls now, and they are such a confirmation of my own beauty, such a validation for the confidence I now feel. I did not expect my Sirens experience to be life-changing, but it absolutely was. Thank you!”

Melissa, CHICAGO
“I was the typical newlywed wanting to get my husband that “extra special” gift for our very first anniversary. I’d shopped a few locals that offered what they thought to be “boudoir photography,” but none of their sample work seemed to impress me. So I did what every desperate girl does–I googled. After sifting through a few less-than-promising sites, I found Rachel, and WOW was I amazed! Not only were her shots like something straight from a high fashion magazine, they were REAL clients! Not models, not pin-thin twenty-somethings…but women ranging from every size, shape, and age range! And you know what else? Every single one of them looked drop. dead. GORGEOUS! I booked an appointment immediately. I’ll admit, I was terrified to be photographed in my birthday suit by someone I’d never met, but upon walking in the door to a bee-yoo-tee-ful hotel suite, meeting the makeup artist and then Rachel herself, I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. ESPECIALLY after looking in the mirror and seeing the finished product. I looked amazing. I felt amazing. I AM amazing, and Rachel’s talent helped me to see that not just then, but everyday since. It was the best anniversary gift ever. My husband hasn’t looked at me the same since, and believe me when I say I mean that in a good way ;-). THANK YOU RACHEL!”

Nhadyne, ATLANTA
“Rachel, It was an absolute pleasure meeting you yesterday. I’m still walking on cloud 9. What an amazing thing you guys get to do! What therapy!!!! When I met up with my fiance after the shoot, he looked at me and said “There is something different about you, you got swagger. It’s sexy and I love it.” Then everyone I met/saw last night and even today at church couldn’t stop commenting. I have NEVER thought of my self as sexy and I cannot recall the last time (if ever) a bunch of people (unrelated) commented on my look or called me sexy!!! Most definitely one of the ABSOLUTE BEST WEEKENDS OF MY LIFE! Thank you for giving me a new lease on life!”

“Rachel, I was just talking about how next session, I want to travel to see you…and what i want to wear – or not… and i get a text from my honey that reads….”i think that you look great with or without clothes on. you have made me look at you with eyes of lust! i love you, baby…” Rachel….not in all my twenty years of marriage has my husband ever said such words to me… have whispered a confidence into my being that has me walking differently, talking differently……even my flirt is different….and i couldn.t let another moment pass without saying, “thank you….you make a difference”…and i have my honey’s texts and my beautiful pictures to prove it…. you ROCK all day long……25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 5 weeks a month, 53 weeks a year….well…you get the idea…..i am woman…watch me strut! …….you are…as my teenager would say “ah-mazzzzinnggg”……many hugs!”

“I just wanted to send you a thank you email, for the wonderful experience I had doing a siren session.  Rachel, you have a wonderful gift of making a person feel at ease with the whole process.  Your makeup artist has a wonderful gift in makeup, and I was bummed to see that I couldn’t keep that look until the next day. (LOL!)  I look forward, to doing a couples shoot.  I may even do another one in support of any of your causes. Wishing you and your team all the best!”

“Rachel, Words can not express my gratitude to you for the way you made me feel during my shoot. Your laughter, humor, directness, understanding and flat out badassness, were like a breath of fresh air! I went in there with total self imagine destruction and feeling so down on myself and all my flaws. After we were done, you made me feel like woman again. You have a gift and it’s not just in your amazing photographs. It’s making women feel comfortable in their own skin and owning who we are! I left there feeling empowered which I haven’t felt in decades! Absolutely priceless and for that I thank you! You are a rock star woman!! I’ll be back!!”

“I walked in nervous, unprepared, anxious, self conscious…walked out feeling Sexy, Beautiful, confident and smiled my whole train ride home. Rachel made me feel comfortable and amazing about myself. I wish I could bottle her up so I can take a sip of that confidence she gave me every day.”

Michelle, NYC
“Rachel Stephens, where do I start? After months of looking at your work online and on facebook, I decided that it was time! It was time for me! Words cannot begin to explain the gratitude that I feel to you! Thank you so very much for making my Siren session so AWESOME! You have given me a new lease on life! A million Thank You’s! I look forward to our next session together! You are my inspiration! You rock girl!”

“My pictures arrived today! You are fabulous Rachel. I can’t believe how awesome they are. I had such a great experience, it was so much fun, I really didn’t want it to end and I normally hate having my picture taken! You had me laughing the whole time. You really have a gift for doing this. I feel like so many other women when I say I would love to do it again!”

“OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had tears in my eyes, and am tearing up right now writing to you. You captured ME! Some of the shots are so dead on to who I am at the core! You have a seriously God-given gift!!! Words escape me, and as you have found out, I have no problem finding words-lol. From the very depths of my soul, the very bottom of my heart THANK YOU! (ps, the man said-“OMG, you are more beautiful than words”…you know Rachel, so are you! tysvvm XO (that’s a big hug and kiss!)………..go forth and empower 😉 ♥”

Barbara, NYC
“Thanks so much for a great shoot on Sat! i had soooo much fun and Rachel you made the whole experience so fun and easy and i DEF want to do a full session when you come back to NYC!! you’re the best!!”

“I received my prints yesterday & my book today. I am over the moon. Rachel, Sean, your makeup artist…………. you guys are so fabulous. The portraits are amazing. I cant wait to get them framed and on the wall so I can stare at them all of the time. The 3 of you do amazing things for women. I am honored to be one of them. ♥”

“I had my session with Rachel on Saturday; all I can say is WOW! Both she and crew are so amazing! I was certain that I would be so nervous and self-conscious that I would freeze up. NO WAY! This was such an empowering experience. Not once did I feel uncomfortable. Actually, it was quite the opposite! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Aloha pumehana, Rachel!”

Maria, NYC
“I think I may have said thank you already, but just in case I didn’t shout my enthusiasm enough..THANK YOU MAMA SIREN!!! My session with you this weekend in NYC was without doubt a milestone in my life, for so many reasons and without gushing shamelessly all over the internet I just need to share with everyone out there….. DO THIS!!! Ladies….DO THIS!! I will forever I think call you the “Siren whisperer” You have such a gift for people, it’s a pleasure to be around you and I couldn’t stop giggling the entire session…well…maybe except for that ONE tear. 🙂 Rachel Stephens you are one of a kind! Kudos to the sisterhood of the traveling sirens…. ♥ p.s I made some new friends too! “

Bonnie, LA
“I just finished the incredibly hard work of narrowing down my photos from the proofs and placing my order so I just wanted to take a moment and say to anyone reading this, if you haven’t booked yet, get on with it. You won’t be sorry. Sean (that’s the husband) and I were talking about just how many great shots came out of the shoot (20), which would have been an impressive number even for a pro shoot, but, all Rachel had to work with was totally inexperienced me, her talent, her experience and wonderful sense of humor. So kudos to Rachel for making me look amazing over and over again.”

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. When you have your session with Rachel you will feel young and beautiful. I went into it a bundle of nervous energy and left feeling like I had just had lunch with my best girlfriend! “

“Rachel and the makeup girl are rockstars! No words can describe how great you feel after a session. Totally worth the money even if it’s just for yourself or someone special! Can’t wait until November and I’m bringing my friends! They can’t wait!”

Michelle, PHOENIX
“Rachel, I can’t tell you enough what a difference you have made in my life! What an awesome experience you gave me and a beautiful gift! At a tough time in my life, you have made me feel so empowered and I can take on the world! LOVE you and what you do for us ladies! YOU ROCK!!!!”

“Rachel – Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your beautiful work with my Sirens photography session. The perks of being told you look beautiful by strangers are obvious — and appreciated. But more than that, you made me feel comfortable, accepting, and inspired by my body. That’s never happened before. Thanks, Rachel, for all that you do for others. Seriously, the world needs more people like you. Women need more women like you. Thanks again – Sarah”