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Groups and Couples

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We often get friends booking the same event who want to share their experience by scheduling their sessions together. I absolutely love taking part in a group of friends sharing such a fun and empowering experience! We can accommodate groups of up to 8 per day. For smaller groups, we will have other clients booked as well on the event so you want to make sure each person in your group books appointments with back to back start times so you are all booked together in the schedule. Our schedule runs on alternating tracks so when I say “back to back start times” I mean 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:30pm etc. You don’t want to leave a spot in between open for someone else to book and we will not ask people to move their appointments for a group. We do not reserve the last slot for couples. If it is available, your group may secure it. Since we do book out well in advance, we highly recommend that each person in your group secure their appointment times while they are still available on the booking calendar. We do not allow clients to arrive and stay together unless they are booked properly as demonstrated in the below Sample Schedule. Please click the image below to plan your appointment start times so you are all together.

Booking as a group of 3 or more? We offer each of you a 10% discount and a 15% discount to the group’s organizer! Are you and a friend booking together? We offer each of you a 5% discount. Only one discount may be used per client including the 10% prepayment discount so if you’re part of a group and you purchase the prepayment package for 10% off, the group discount does not apply on top of that. You can only choose one discount.

When you book your appointments, choose Retainer to lock in your time slots together, email us to let us know you are booking with a group, the names of the people in your group and who the organizer is so we can apply your discounts to each of you. Don’t worry if you wanted the 10% prepayment package. You will get the 10% off with your group discount. If the group organizer is taking care of securing the appointments for the group, the best way to do this is to secure each appointment with a Retainer. If the Organizer doesn’t want to do this online for each appointment they need to secure, just send us an email telling us you’re booking as a group, the names of each person booking, their email addresses, the times you wish to book and we can send you an invoice for all the retainers to be paid in one payment. Once we receive the retainers and lock in the appointments, we will create client profiles for each of you, apply the retainers to each profile and set up our system to guide each of you through each of you through the rest of the booking process.

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Couples sessions are an absolute delight! My natural ability to set my clients at ease isn’t confined to gender. These sessions aren’t always viewed with the same excitement between partners but when the partner being signed up for the session gets there and meets me, they start to loosen up and it doesn’t take long before they’ve gotten into it! There’s just something so special and beautiful about capturing the unique connection a couple has with each other. Capturing images that make the viewer feel the connection and create a story behind the way the couple is looking at each other is not only a pleasure forĀ  me as an artist but also as a person. Before I met my partner, I remember looking at pictures in magazines and longing for the love story I imagined them having. It is so fun to not only have grown up to make those images but for the images I’m making and the story behind them being real.

We take one couple a day and only in the last spot on the schedule so when you book your session, you must choose the appointment start time at 6:30pm. If it is not available on the schedule, then that time slot is booked. You can check the schedule for next day if it’s a travel event or book me in Portland. My Portland calendar is open one Saturday a month year round.

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