• Q: Where is your studio located?
  • A: I am a travelin’ gal free from the tethers of a brick and morter studio. Cities and dates available are pre-selected well in advance. I will travel for private commissions of groups of 8 or more. I do offer select dates in my home town of Portland Oregon. Please inquire at my direct email
  • Q: Will you add more cities after 2017?
    A: I just can’t tell until I am back out there doing my thing if my body can handle more events. I have had two spine fusions in two years (2014 and 2015) so I will not know until I am out there doing it whether or not it is something I will continue or if it will be a one time tour.
  • How long are sessions?
    A: Sessions are two hours for clients who opt for full service hair and makeup and are 90 minutes for clients who do their own hair and makeup (touch up by pro makeup artist included).
  • Q: Why aren’t there smaller packages or ala carte options?
    A: I have priced and set up the packaging with my physical and mental health in mind and to preserve the experience of empowerment for my clients. Offering smaller packages/options means I would have to book a higher number of clients to offset the cost of funding my events which pushes me into 12-15 hour days with no breathing room between clients. Pushing myself that hard is how I ended up with two spine fusions by the age of forty-four and moving forward, I must make my wellness a priority.
  • Q: If there is no ordering process, how do I choose what pictures I want?
    A: I use my professional expertise to narrow down the images to the best fifty. Trust me, you don’t want to see them all with the blurry ones, the replicates and awkward and unflattering shots while you’re talking or making a face. Like this. So, don’t worry! I’ve got this and will choose the best of the lot.
  • Q: Can I order more than 50 photos from my session?
    A: Yes, however, you must do so before or at your session as I begin the deletion process soon after your session and do not keep everything. You can access this option in the SHOP
  • Q: When do I get my pictures?
    A: Your order will be ready for delivery by your choice of flash drive via USPS Signature Confirmation or via secure DropBox digital download three weeks from your session. For clients who book two packages, please allow four weeks for delivery.
  • Q: What if I don’t want digital images, can I get a book or prints instead?
    A: The digital images are for printing so having print files to order product directly saves you thousands of dollars. I am happy to help you with the process so you can get the best quality.
  • Q: Why aren’t payments refundable? What if there is an emergency?
    A: I know it’s a little nerve racking to invest up front but my work was always prepaid, I just used to split it up between sessions in full before the session and orders in full before receiving product. Now, it’s all combined. An investment like this is insurance that clients are as committed to their experience as I am. I invest several thousand dollars per event several months in advance and my investments are not refundable to me, so the same must apply to my clients. I can no longer suffer the stress and financial hardship of clients not showing up for their sessions or flaking on ordering their product. If there is an emergency and documentation can be provided to ensure we aren’t being scammed, I will consider refunding 75%.
  • Q: Why don’t you do phone consultations?
    A: Blunt
    y, I am socially awkward. Public interfacing and sales are just not my thing. I’m an artist and I am really good at what I do but selling myself over the phone is just not in my skill set. I prefer my work and my accomplishments in the world of professional photography to sell me to my clients instead. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them via email.
  • Q: What professional accomplishments are you referring to?
    A: I have over a decade specializing solely in boudoir photography, am the first to travel the country doing “marathon sessions”, I’m a creativeLIVE instructor, I’ve have been featured in  Professional Photographer Magazine, I’ve have been a speaker at professional photography conventions including the flagship convention Imaging USA and have serviced over four thousand clients in my career. You can look at my fan pages and see for yourself that I’m the real deal and have thousands of happy customers.
  • Q: Why isn’t full hair and makeup included anymore?
    A: Many clients want to do their own hair and makeup or get it done before they come in for their session and I could not accommodate those people in the past because I was paying a professional makeup artist by the hour and she depended on every tip to offset her cost for time and travel. Moving forward, clients who want to arrive to their sessions hair and makeup ready will have half an hour with my makeup artist for professional touch up. Clients who wish to have my makeup artist do their hair and makeup for them can purchase a full service for an additional $100 paid directly to my makeup artist in cash only and will have a full hour with her. This extra fee has been considered in the pricing of the packages and partly responsible for the increase in images included.
  • Q: When do I have to decide if I want the full service for hair and makeup?
    A: Once you book, I will send out a quick form to all clients who secure their session with payment. In this form, you will have the opportunity to request what time of day that is preferred, whether or not you’d like your images showcased and if you would like full service hair and makeup. Session arrival times are based on whether or not you are getting full service hair and makeup so we need to know in advance if you change your mind.
  • Q: How many outfits come with a session?
    A: We usually have time for two outfits and an implied nude set. If a client opts out of the implied nude set, another outfit can be added.
  • Q: Can I purchase a double session?
    A: Yes, clients may book double packages and will receive two sittings with the makeup artist for their choice of touch up or full service hair and makeup.
  • Q: Are you still shooting couples?
    A: Yes! I love shooting couples! I charge an additional $200 for the extra person to cover the additional time it takes to edit 50 images with an extra person. Just book normally and when you receive the link to electronically sign your contract, choose COUPLES and I will email you an invoice for the $200 couples fee. I only reserve the last session of each day for couples to make sure all other clients are cleared of the venue. Please understand this is for the safety and security of all my clients and therefore space for couples is very limited and needs to be booked in advance.It is my hope that my work and transparency connects with you and inspires you to book with me. I love what I do, I believe I was meant to do this work and I look forward to the opportunity to create with you.

If you have any other questions please shoot me an email.