Reviews of Rachel Stephens Photography for Women

Client Reviews Boudoir Session by Rachel Stephens

Reviews by actual clients of their experience in front of Rachel’s lens. These are everyday women who took the plunge and decided to have Rachel Stephens do their Boudoir Photo Shoot. Take a moment and to see the reviews of Mothers and Wives, Singles and Survivors…. reviews by women just like you.

Fun Flirty Good Time

It's my first time doing something like this. I had originally wanted to do this shoot for my 30th birthday. I am 30, I don't feel old, or young. I mean 30 isn't 20, my skin isn't elastic, my boobs aren’t where they were before. It actually feels like it takes a lot of work to get things in the place they were before. And I want to remember what I look like at one point in time, that’s what originally prompted this shoot; almost like a Sex and the City epiphany. I buzzed the loft, a girl came down to get me. She was really nice, cool down to earth; she was also the lady that did my make up and hair. I think I’m one of those customers I would bucket in the difficult category. I walk in and have no preference, and I usually say you can do whatever you want. I’m somewhat quiet so you never know if I’m secretly angry. This lady did my hair and make up in maybe less than 20 minutes, and I loved it. I looked natural, recognizably me, but with very glammed up eyes, kind of like a doll face. After my make up was done, I met Rachel. I’m not sure what I was expecting. I think I had secretly thought she would look like someone from her website. She was also really nice, cool and down to earth. I think Rachel and Lindsey make a good team, I definitely thought it was a perk that Rachel had a hair and make up person as a part of the shoot. Rachel was very warm. She’s a mom, with an amazing story of how she got on her career path. I was really nervous when I arrived, but within minutes of meeting Rachel, I felt comfortable, confident and actually had a lot fun. I definitely recommend all the ladies out there to do a boudoir shoot if they have the chance. I felt feminine and confident in a space that I wasn’t sure I could feel comfortable in. It was an amazing experience.”
- Jessica Yu

Rocking Awesome

Rachel + Team, Thank you for a fantastically liberating, beautiful and as you say, "empowering" experience. I'm a recent SF Siren :) and I've struggled with self-image issues my entire life and as I get older and wiser, I am learning to love myself and all my imperfections...(well.. not all...but I digress... :) Thank you for creating a rockin' awesome professional and comfortable environment and for sharing your art and talents with the world! With Appreciation and Love, Sheryl B ;)””
- Sheryl B.

Phoenix Siren

Had an amazing shoot yesterday with Rachel and I wanted to say thank you Lindsay for making me feel beautiful. The time past by so quickly and before I knew it 600+ photos later the experience was over. Rachel has amazing energy and she sees beauty deep inside and draws you out. I loved her energy and can't wait to see our pictures - thank you again for being you and bringing out the best in me. ”
- Linda


I really loved getting my picture taken by Rachel. I felt comfortable and at ease and very special. Lindsey did a great job on my hair and makeup. Like so many other women, I found the experience transformative. I am still processing the experience! For me the emotions and transformation started when I got my gallery to view. I had a wide range of unexpected reactions to the pictures, some of which I didn't understand and it has been a journey of self discovery to unravel what is going on in my subconscious. I really need to get rid of my inner critic once and for all! One of my friends on Facebook commented on my picture, "now there is the Trish we know and love," and then I knew that is what I had been hoping to hear. The last few years have been very difficult, and to cope I have just put one foot in front of the other and been the responsible person, just getting "the job" done. True spontaneous fun didn't have much of a role for a while. I have been making a lot of changes recently to increase my happiness and be a better wife and mother, and the photo shoot and pictures captured proof that I am on the right path to getting back to myself!”
- Trish

Best Time Ever!

Never having done anything like this before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Rachel and Lindsey both made it very easy for me to feel comfortable with myself in this type of setting and to help me enjoy this experience. I'm so glad I did it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to feel beautiful.”
- Suzanne

couples session

I just wanted to say Thank you again for an amazing experience!!! This was my second time except it was with my husband for a couples session..we both had alot of fun during our photo shoot! we cant wait for our proofs! Rachel you are amazing!!”
- Heather

Life changing!!!

I recently flew to Arizona to start donating items from my parents house that they left to me. Knowing that Rachel was going to be there also and a friend recommended her HIGHLY, I decided to give my husband of 25 years a surprise this Christmas.

I have no words. You are magic Rachel. How can we walk in feeling one way and leave with a 180?! I was shocked when you showed me one of the shots. And every shot thereafter you showed me opened my eyes further. Surely that wasn't THIS grandmother!! Every woman alive should experience you!!

I am so happy that our shoot was BEFORE the house emptying. A friend flew in the next day to help me and could not believe how much my outlook on EVERYTHING had changed so completely!

I told her about bringing my hippie hoodie and hippie peace boots, among other items, and how my husband will definitely be seeing me in a new light when he sees me wearing these items next time! I simply cannot wait! Even reading my Kindle is going to be looking hot to him from now on!!!

I am holding my breath to see which shots you picked out. I want to choose them ALL!! Who said being over 60 had to be downhill?? No more!!

Bless you for giving me back my free-spirit! Where do I go from here? I can't wait to find out! Mmmmwah!!”
- Micki

Walking on Air

"I'd been wanting to do a session for years and kept putting it off. I'll do it when I've lost some more weight, when life isn't so crazy, when the weather is better, etc. Ha! My life couldn't be any more insane than it is at this moment with my husband coming out, a divorce, job hunting, and a cross country move in the next month. I arrived at my session in a tangle of emotions I'd been carrying around for months. I didn't recognize myself in the mirror once Lindsey finished my hair and makeup. Then came Rachel. I felt as if we'd known each other forever. It's so rare to meet someone like her. To feel so entirely comfortable even in a normal situation. I left with the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. I'm still walking on air a week later. For that, I thank you Rachel and the entire RSP team."”
- Jennifer

So Much Fun

Awesome experience! Would do it again soon! Never felt so sexy!!! Rachel was so much fun and made me feel at easy from the get go. I can't wait to see my pictures.”
- Elizabeth

First of many photo sessions....

Rachel is amazing, she makes the experience so fun. I told her I wish she lived closer because we would be friends. She made me feel sexy and confident, she told me what to do with my hands, feet and body. I can't wait until March when I can do a different session with different outfits Im already picking out stuff for then. I can't wait to see my proofs and even more excited about my finished photos. Thank you for making me feel like a model! ”
- Leslie Wesley

Truly Empowering

Truly an empowering and confidence building experience. I've struggled with my self-esteem and self-confidence all my life, and I wanted to do this for ME. I was very nervous and apprehensive going into this, but Lindsey and Rachel made me feel so relaxed and beautiful... it was soooo easy and I felt so good when I left!”
- Jos F

Do It Now!

Awesome experience! Would do it again soon! Never felt so sexy!!! Rachel was so much fun and made me feel at easy from the get go. I can't wait to see my pictures.”
- Liz C.

Amazing Experience

This was an impeccable experience. Rachel truly has an eye for beauty and is keen to every curve and detail on a woman to make her look her best. I truly recommend this to every woman, as we all deserve to feel like a model. Being in the military, it is very difficult for me to express my beauty and expose my femininity. Within seconds, Rachel had me in my comfort zone, laughing and posing. She truly has a gift and it was a blessing to have taken part in her world! I would definitely recommend Rachel Stephens Photography!!”
- Anne

Fabulous Experience

Rachel was wonderful. She made me feel so comfortable and sexy. It was so much fun - the session flew by! Lindsey did my makeup and hair and I was very happy with the results. I cannot WAIT for the proofs. I highly recommend Rachel - she'll make you feel like a goddess!”
- Lee Swilley

Better than Glam!

I've never considered myself a photogenic person and was frankly nervous about my photo session. I was pleasantly pleased with my makeuphair stylist, Lindsey, who made me look like royalty! Had a blast with Rachel and quickly became photogenic during the session! ”
- Remi Benson

So much fun

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to shoot with Rachel in Atlanta. I had a blast. Rachel has this knack to make you feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin. As someone who is always dubbed as "cute" and just "pretty" this is the first time in my 24 years of life that I felt truly sexy. I didn't know I had it in me. Thanks Rachel, I'm beyond excited to see all the photos.”
- Samantha


Rachel, It was an absolute pleasure meeting you yesterday. I'm still walking on cloud 9. What an amazing thing you guys get to do! What therapy!!!! When I met up with my fiance after the shoot, he looked at me and said "There is something different about you, you got swagger. It's sexy and I love it." Then everyone I metsaw last night and even today at church couldn't stop commenting. I have NEVER thought of my self as sexy and I cannot recall the last time (if ever) a bunch of people (unrelated) commented on my look or called me sexy!!! Most definitely one of the ABSOLUTE BEST WEEKENDS OF MY LIFE! Thank you for giving me a new lease on life”
- Nhadyne

WOW!! Just Great

"I just finished the incredibly hard work of narrowing down my photos from the proofs and placing my order so I just wanted to take a moment and say to anyone reading this, if you haven't booked yet, get on with it. You won't be sorry. Sean (that's the husband) and I were talking about just how many great shots came out of the shoot (20), which would have been an impressive number even for a pro shoot, but, all Rachel had to work with was totally inexperienced me, her talent, her experience and wonderful sense of humor. So kudos to Rachel for making me look amazing over and over again."”
- Bonnie


I was the typical newlywed wanting to get my husband that "extra special" gift for our very first anniversary. I'd shopped a few locals that offered what they thought to be "boudoir photography," but none of their sample work seemed to impress me. So I did what every desperate girl does--I googled. After sifting through a few less-than-promising sites, I found Rachel, and WOW was I amazed! Not only were her shots like something straight from a high fashion magazine, they were REAL clients! Not models, not pin-thin twenty-somethings...but women ranging from every size, shape, and age range! And you know what else? Every single one of them looked drop. dead. GORGEOUS! I booked an appointment immediately. I'll admit, I was terrified to be photographed in my birthday suit by someone I'd never met, but upon walking in the door to a bee-yoo-tee-ful hotel suite, meeting the makeup artist and then Rachel herself, I couldn't have felt more comfortable. ESPECIALLY after looking in the mirror and seeing the finished product. I looked amazing. I felt amazing. I AM amazing, and Rachel's talent helped me to see that not just then, but everyday since. It was the best anniversary gift ever. My husband hasn't looked at me the same since, and believe me when I say I mean that in a good way ;-). THANK YOU RACHEL!”
- Melissa

Made into a Diamond

I had a session with Rachel Stephens Photography and I can tell you this I started out a lump of coal and Rachel made me a diamond. My pictures were beyond beautiful. Every woman should have a session as proof we are as fantastic as we can be..Thanks Rachel and Sean.”
- Sassy Ellis

Life Changing!

By societal marital standards I am a spinster. But I always had a bucket list item: a boudoir shoot. One day a beautiful woman popped up on the side of Facebook that was titled "Boudoir Photography." I'm not one to click on the ads, but it was so beautiful I did! I found myself lost for the next couple of hours on "Rachel Stephens Photography for Women" website. Looking at image after image of truly stunning women representing every conceivable demographic. Boudoir photography taken to a high art level. Then I clicked on the "tell" tab. Tears poured as I read these women's stories of empowerment, life transformation, acceptance of self...seeing themselves as beautiful for the first time. I knew this was the photographer for me! I then put in for more forward to life change! When I decided to DO IT Sean made me realize that my privacy was as important to them as it was for me. He made me so at ease I knew I could not entrust the adventure to anyone else but RSP. I cannot tell you what happens in a session with Rachel. I always considered myself to be as strong confident woman, but as God is my witness, I left that mini session truly changed INSIDE!! And that feeling has never left....2 years later. I have taken 4 friends to see her, and they all, every one of them have had the same life changing experience! She is one of the most incredible photographers and one of the most incredible woman I have ever met! I remember after the second shoot, eating breakfast at the B&B with some other guests that were staying there for a wedding, they were so intrigued I went to my room and retrieved my book for them to see! Can you imagine that? But the products and the photographs are so unbelievable! And you feel so proud and so confident, yes, you will show them to strangers!! Becoming a Siren has been one of the most fulfilling and amazing experiences of my life! She disallows self deprecation and cultivates an environment of empowerment, love devoid of judgment and you become one with an amazing sisterhood of support. I have had two shoots and will head to NYC for another one...meeting, IN PERSON, for the first time, Sirens I met through Rachel Stephens Photography for Women. I look at my books, my wrapped canvas, my photos and marvel at how Rachel found my soul in 45 minutes when I had looked for it for 48 years...not only did she find it, she made it SHINE in my photographs! I still bubble up with joy when I see my eyes in my images. Really look at the eyes of all her Sirens! You are looking into the very depths of these beautiful woman! Photoshop Ninja-absolutely. Finder of inner strength? YES! Life changer? OMG!! Don't hesitate! I know I have used a lot of words...but there really are no words to describe the beauty of the images, holding your book, or letting someone else peruse it, or the inner transformation that takes place and stays with you forever!! Finally see yourself the way your loved ones see you! Abandon your chains of weight, imperfections, saving for a rainy day.... All I can say is SIREN UP!! And prepare for the rest of your life! <3 I love Sean and Rachel and everything that Rachel Stephens Photography for Women stands for! I will never be able to repay them for the person they helped reveal! ”
- Eva

photography session

Rachel is an amazing person to be both in the room and to work with. I did my first ever siren session with her in December.She has amazing talent and a way to make you feel confident and sexy during the shoot. I was so excited to have the chance to do a session with her. I look forward to returning soon. ”
- corine canoza

Age Defying Legacy

I had a session with Rachel back in October of 2009, just before my 51st Birthday... yes 51!!! I had never posed with a photographer like that before. It was quite a rejuvenating, age defying experience. I wanted to leave a legacy to my children, of what mom looked like at 50; something to look back on when my skin starts to leave it's youthful state, and say, "That is what I looked like at 50". Working with Rachel and her team was a remarkable, professional experience. It built my damaged confidence to where now, outside of my professional career, I am involved with novice and professional photographers in all capacities. It all started with wanting to leave a legacy, and now has turned into a rewarding past time working with photographers, models and MUA's. Thank you Rachel and friends!!!”
- Debra


It is with absolute pleasure to say that I am a two-time Siren and the experience is Amazing!!
Everyone woman needs to do this!! ”
- Beth

My session with Rachel

I had my photoshoot with Rachel about 2 years ago (my gosh, how time flies). It was the most wonderful experience ever. I was nervous going in and took half a valium (HAHA). By the end of my session, I was walking around naked without a care in the world. Rachel made me feel so comfortable and more important, she made me feel beautiful. I remember after my first shot, she showed after she had taken it....tears came to my eyes. I couldn't believe it was me. Then the photos arrived and I cried even harder. It was such a special and wonderful experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I'm so proud to say I'm a Siren!!!!”
- Beth Ann Maloney

Once in a Lifetime Experience!

If you ever wanted to do something empowering for yourself. To feel liberated and finally realize how important it is to put yourself FIRST! I would HIGHLY recommend you treat yourself to an absolutely amazing experience with Rachel! I pondered for months about wether to do it or not, maybe when I lose another 20lbs! Then I decided, I just have to do this! I signed up and was so excited and nervous about going! Rachel is a Rockstar! She put me at ease and made me feel like a Super Model! The whole experience was so amazing and life changing! And when I got my end results, well, I was and still am SPEECHLESS! Rachel made me look like a movie star! And I feel so honored and proud to be part of the Siren Sisterhood! Thank you Rachel! I adore you! Thank you for changing my life!! ”
- Michelle McCarty

Not Enough Words

I can't even begin to find the words to tell what my Rachel Stephens experience has meant to me. As a woman that went thru terrible mental abuse by a husband, I wasn't really sure who I was anymore. I just felt like something was missing, forever, from my spirit. I went for my first shoot with some friends, not really knowing what to expect. Totally shy and scared and unsure of myself. Who is this woman? Do I want her to see me in my pantaloons? I AM FAT!!! Rachel gave me the attention the world's greatest photographers give to supermodels. I'll never forget when she LAYED ON THE FLOOR to take my picture from the right angle and I knew she was in it to win it, ready and willing to do anything to make my photos beautiful, as if I were the most lovely woman in the whole wide world. She was amazing and I can't even tell you how much so! I finished my shoot ON TOP OF THE WORLD and came back home with a totally renewed sense of self and brand new outlook on my life! I am beautiful! I had never been beautiful in my life until Rachel shot me. And when my pictures came in the mail, I cried. I am crying now while I type this. I will never forget how, SOME WAY, I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT, she reaches thru her lense, into your soul, and brings you out. And she says "you have let the stress of this world make you forget who you really are. Let me SHOW YOU the beautiful you that has slipped away. Let me help you bring her into the light again." Rachel Stephens, I owe you so much. I thought I was damaged and broken forever but your lense brought light back to my eyes and to my heart. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF EVERYTHING IN MY SOUL. I can never repay you for what you've done for me. I love you. I can't wait to see you in NYC for my 3rd shoot. You are everything and awesome and amazing all rolled into one. You are truly a gift to all women. Thank you for blessing me.”
- Erin Ringley

Not just any photo session...

As my first wedding anniversary neared, the idea of boudoir photography as a gift for my new hubby seemed like just the ticket. I researched local photogs, but with little satisfaction. Many consisted of nothing more than posing in front of some hanging sheet backdrop in a lackluster basement studio with a jersey or a nightie on...not my style.
Why couldn't I be glamorous? Why couldn't I have options?Like being sprawled on a bedspread or lounging in a bathtub full of suds wearing nothing but a smile on my face? Why couldn't I feel pampered? Why couldn't I have FUN?
Thankfully, I found the Rachel Stephens Photography website, and I quickly saw the vast difference in what I'd already checked into, and what a Siren experience had to offer.
Of course I was nervous. Of course I was shy. But when i saw myself in the mirror--I was a bona fide hottie! I forgot these feelings the moment Rachel showed me the first shot from her camera. I was GORGEOUS!!
Rachel is professional, fun, encouraging, and a true artist. Her shots are tasteful and beautiful. I couldn't have made a better selection for such an important gift.
I've now held not only one, but THREE sessions with Rachel. I plan to schedule many more. I've not only found an exceptional photographer that I can trust, I've found a friend. She is more than just a face behind a camera. She is the creator of a national sisterhood, an artistic movement, and the experience of a lifetime for all women--any age, ethnicity, shape, or size--every damn one of us! So BOOK NOW! I promise, you won't regret it. ”
- Melissa


What an experience! Rachel was so much fun to work with! What a Rock Star! This is the best thing I ever did for me and I would encourage EVERYONE to be a Siren. There are not enough adjective in the world to describe how utterly fabulous Rachel and work are, so just do it!!! ”
- Jenny Harsin

If you are not a siren...YOU need to change that....seriously.

This is an experience you need. I started with a full session, went back for the half session with a girlfriend, then did Rachel's workshop to follow in her footsteps, and finally did the couples session with my husband. I wouldn't have invested so much time if it wasn't worth it. As for the money spent, once you see the results you realize your pics are priceless and you will have no regrets.”
- Kim Tottori

Everyones like WOW!

My very first blog. But I must say that everyone who sees my pic thinks I did it like 10 years ago. Somehow Rachel reversed my age and made me look hot again. Im so happy with the results. Now I want to do it every time she comes to town.”
- Niome

Amazing Experience!

Rachel is dynamite, she's an inspiration to women; believing in herself and following her dreams. My boudoir experience with Rachel was AMAZING! She's easy to talk with, fun to be around and makes you feel at ease! I was thrilled when I left my session, but when I saw the Gallery, ooh la la! Rachel had captured the radiance and beauty that was in me, my husband was proud and I felt gorgeous! Each time I look at the photos it makes me smile; I had ventured out of my comfort zone and loved every minute! Thank you Rachel for being you! ”
- Melody Martin

Bringing out the Inner Goddess

First and foremost Rachel is the bomb and I love her and her work! This is was my third shoot with Rachel and I just love the way she brings out the Inner Goddess in everyone. This time I thought I'd bring my husband along and we had so much fun! We laughed at the positions she put us in! My husband is always wondering what a photoshoot is like and now he met Rachel and he knows how to do the man pose! LOL! Trust me he wouldn't remove a stitch of clothing! I pulled on his tie alittle that didn't work...
Rachel thank you for a moment that we will cherish of a memory that will last forever!
By the way the VG offer still stands.

- Susan Paris

What an experience!!!!

I have been wanting to be photographed by Rachel for a couple of years but have been too shyinsecure to do so. In the meantime, I did research other "boudoir" photographers. I have to tell you, nothing compared! Rachel Stephens is in a class by herself. Nothing I saw was as classy, sexy, seductive or as professional and all done very tastefully. Customer service was immaculate from booking to end. Rachel and Sean have made this the best...easy and comfortable. With hesitation I booked, pushed it out of my mind until the shoot. I was very nervous (I don't have a great body and not a beauty queen) but all that went away as soon as I met Rachel. Even after the shoot I was nervous that my husband wouldn't like and it was going to be his Valentine's present! Well, he absolutely loved the teaser pics and was so happy looking at the proofs and choosing our pics for the products, even without retouching!!!! I can see how the name "Siren" fits in with all of this. I've never felt sexier and more of a woman! I, too, feel like a Siren. This was exactly my goal and I can't wait for all my pictures to arrive. My husband reminds me everyday how "awesome" the pictures were and he can't wait to get the finished product! Definitely doing this again next time you come here and this time including my hubby. Thank you Rachel!!!!!”
- Luisa

Outstanding from every angle!

Every part of my Rachel Stephens Photography experience was wonderful. From beginning to end I felt like I was the only client Rachel had. She spent time talking to me about styles and expectations on the phone since I am one of those "gotta talk it out" people and have a hard time reading things off the internet. When I made it to the hotel for my session I was very nervous and needed to not be. I was made to feel like I was the best thing to walk into that room all weekend. I never expected the photo shoot would be so fun. We laughed the whole time and I was deeply disappointed when it ended. On the elevator ride down I was already thinking about the next one. Rachel's personal interaction is authentic and fun, the business side was incredibly professional. I can't say enough great things about my experience. It was such a treat I think every woman deserves an opportunity to feel this great about themselves!”
- Stacie Mayes-Brooks

The Best Gift

First, I was REALLY appreciated the bluntness (for lack of a more eloquent word) in all of your contracts and forms. I am a business owner, too and I struggle with that. We want people to have a great experience but we also want them to know “the rules and expectations” without sounding harsh. You were assertive and direct but not harsh.

Second, I loved Lindsay who did my hair and make-up. She was professional and easy to chat with. And, she obviously knows what she is doing. I only wish I knew her on my wedding day!

In addition, Rachel was AMAZING! She reminded me of many of my close friends. Rachel was funny, sharp-witted and confident. I loved how she chatted throughout the whole shoot. Not only did it put me at ease but it also made me feel important.

And finally, I knew her work was amazing and I wasn’t worried about the photos I would receive, but I didn’t expect the emotional response I would have when my first photo was posted live. Although, my daughter and husband often tell me how pretty I am or that I look beautiful, it is a completely different experience to see these positive comments from complete strangers. It is even a more foreign feeling for me to FEEL it and BELIEVE it myself. So, thank you for giving me that gift; it is greater than any photo you will process.
- Tonya Linky

Simply Amazing!!

I first heard of Rachel Stephens Photograpy through my friend who inofrmed me she would be in town to shoot photos and suggested that i sign up. I was skeptical at first, but then perused through her website and was impressed by the quality of her work. From the moment I walked in, the hair and make-up specialist was on point, and Rachel made me feel immediately comfortable as this was something totally new to me. Rachel was professional, classy, and made it a very fun experience. I was very pleased with the outcome! Rachel is truly an expert at what she does! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!”
- M. Castilla

Rachel has super powers!

I went in a bag of nerves. "I should have gotten my nails done" I should have gone tanning" "maybe I should have brought that other outfit" but as soon as you even meet Rachel her down to earth and playful personality puts you at ease but then she gives you this confidence you never even knew you had!! And all those "I feel fat" "I have cellulite" moments are GONE VANISHED Rachel made me feel beautiful something growing up I never felt. She is simply amazing and I recommend if you haven't done it then you need too!! I don't think she knows that what I take home is more than pictures, because when I look at those pictures I certainly have taken home a lot more!!! Thank You Rachel for making feel like a beautiful amazing woman!!”
- Linda


From the moment I booked the event, I was beyond super excited. From the referrals of personal friends who have visited Rachel multiple times, I had no doubt this was going to be a great time. From the moment I walked in, I felt extremely comfortable and by the time I left, I was already imaging our next session but this time with my husband. This was one of the best times I have had, being able to feel like such a sexy woman yet all the imperfections, I was perfect. Thank you for making me feel perfect, imperfections and all. I can't wait for my next visit with you! The experience not only made me feel gorgeous but your work, I look incredible! Thank you so much! I can't wait for my next visit with you.”
- Moria

Empowering Experience!

I believe every woman should have professional boudoir photos done! Rachel makes you feel absolutely relaxed and beautiful! I haven't even seen the pics yet, but I would do it again in a heartbeat and will recommend it to every woman I know!!! ”
- Xtina N.

Nothing less than AMAZING!

Feb. 2013 was my 2nd time shooting with Rachel. I LOVE the fact that she remembered who I was. She remembered details of our last shoot, like it was yesterday! I am sure it is like this with most returning Sirens... but I feel that Rachel and I have a great chemistry and she does so much to make me feel comfortable with myself and her abilities as a photographer. I honestly LOVE every second of this experience from the time I walk in and work with Lindsay to the time I walk out the door! I am for sure going to be a repeat customer for years to come! It is one of the most unbelievable experiences. AND the finish product.... WOW!!!!! Love you Rachel!!! Can't wait until next year!!! ”
- Tiffany

Best of the Best

I just had my third boudoir photo session with Rachel Stephens Photography. Obviously, my first experience was so much fun and I was so happy with the product that it has kept me coming back. She is an amazing photographer and more than that, a great people person with the amazing ability to put people at ease within minutes of meeting. Each time I have met with her, I have felt as though I was more than a client. By the time I had left each of my sessions I have felt like I'd spent my day with an old friend (one with awesome photography skillz!), having many laughs and feeling like a queen for the day. The whole experience is 5 star, from dealing with Sean for scheduling, the makeup artist, the actual session, to the anticipation and excitement of receiving the final product. The quality of work shows in all of the beautiful samples of her work and in the sisterhood of online followers that know firsthand she is the best of the best!”
- Margie

Never felt so beautiful

Rachel made me feel so confident and beautiful. She gave easy instructions mixed w humor which made it easy to yield a natural smile.
She made me feel so assured w the shots she was getting and when she got one she loved, she would show me which gave me even more confidence.
This is an experience every women should enjoy! I've never felt more beautiful than the way I felt in that shoot w Rachel.
Rachel is a master at her craft and I'm so lucky to have had the experience. ”
- Christiana McIntosh


Rachel is amazing! Rachel made me feel like I was the most beautiful person in the world! She got me to do nude photos!!!! I was so comfortable and didn't feel self conscious at all. I will be taking photos every year! Rachel has gained a loyal customer.”
- nicole rann

Thank you Rachel

When I came to the photo session, I was afraid and nervous. After sitting with my makeup artist Lindsey and chatting with her, I realized that this was something I needed too do to prove to myself that I can be seen in front of a camera. After meeting and talking too Ms. Rachel, I found myself posing and relaxing in ways I didn't know I could. Rachel helped me to realize that I am beautiful and just because I'm not a size 4, but am a curvy full figured woman, that I am just as beautiful as they are and the camera doesn't lie. My session helped to let go of all inhibitions and let the woman, beautiful and sexy woman come out. I can't wait to see the end results and look forward to doing another session with my husband. The poses are seductive yet, tastefully done and help the shy me to realize I can, I am, a beautiful sexy woman! Thank you, Rachel.”
- Carolyn Harris Fischer

Power of Confidence

The mini session was a blast. I felt comfortable and knew I was it was a safe place to drop the mask. In this naked, exposed state, I found my confidence again. I only wished I had the same level of confidence in my 20s as I do in my 40s. Rachel gets to the heart & soul behind the hair and make-up, she pulls out the inner beauty we may tend to forget exists.
Thanks for the reminder Rachel!”
- Joan


I decided to have my photos taken on a whim for my 50th birthday and WOW I got so much more than I could have ever expected. Rachel put me at ease. She made me feel beautiful in front of the camera and just as beautiful (maybe even more) in the photos. This experience was so much fun that I booked a session with my husband to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. That's right...30 years and we still had a blast acting like newlyweds while Rachel captured our love on film. If you are reading and even thinking of doing this, don't hesitate, Rachel is the best and you will never regret the experience of a lifetime! I can't wait for my next shoot! Thanks Rachel!”
- Janet


Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. I went into my session feeling nervous and self-conscious, but Rachel made me feel so comfortable and I had a blast. Never thought stripping down to my birthday suit, being photographed by a stranger would be so much fun! Rachel was so creative and the photos are beautiful and capture my personality completely. I am so thankful for the experience and can't wait to do it again!”
- Kim

Wonderul experience!!

Rachel and Lindsey were wonderful! I was nervous even arriving at the driveway of the site. But, once I was in the seat ready for makeup and hair, I felt so relax and comfortable. Rachel was hilarious. She made the experience fun. It was so fun that the flew by quick. She is so talented. I love that you can make you look so beautiful but still look natural. Sean is always quick with response and helpful with any questions I had pre and post session. They make a wonderful team and made it a wonderful experience. ”
- Jessie Cheng

NYC 2013 - Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple

Nothing says New York like a photo session with Rachel. This was my third session and just like the sessions prior to (both in DC), I couldn't ask for a more empowering experience. Rachel has a way of bringing out the beauty, that inner diva that is in all of us. After your session you walk away with a little more sway to your hips and a lot more swag in your attitude. I highly recommend that every woman treat themselves to this experience. There is nothing like belonging to the Siren Sisterhood.”
- Leslie

Effin' Awesome!!!

I had the best time of my life. I absolutely love, love, love you!!! Whatever self esteem issues I had, and there weren't many, were gone as soon as I met you. I can't wait to see the finished product!!! I will definitely recommend you and see you again!”
- Marie Viscione


Rachel, I want to thank you for giving me one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. With the work I do in modeling, I am used to being in front of a camera, but I have to say I have never enjoyed a shoot more than I did on Sunday! Your poses were incredible, your manner immediately put me at ease, and I felt like I was hanging out with a favorite long time girlfriend instead of doing a shoot with someone I had just met that day! Every woman should find a way to schedule a session like this!! It left me feeling happy, empowered, and beautiful. I can't wait to see the end result!! Thank you SO MUCH Rachel, and I can't wait to do it all again next year (if not sooner!!!)!!!”
- Diane

Rachel is Amazing!

Rachel is an amazing photographer. I had my first session with her back in 2009 and it was the best experience of my life. I finally booked another session with her this year and cannot wait. I'm always excited to see Rachel's new photos, she makes every woman look absolutely beautiful. ”
- Carol


Every woman is captured in a beautiful way. Simply gorgeous! ”
- karen

I LOVED my session!!

I have been stalking RS for at least the past 5 years and have been wanting to do a shoot with her since the moment I stumbled upon her. Time and time again I would look into it and chicken out. But this time, I just decided to go for it. I was so excited to finally meet RS after feeling like I've gotten to know her on another level via facebook. I walked in and immediately felt comfortable. I haven't gotten my proofs yet, but from what I saw the few times she showed me the back of my camera- I love them already. I'm single and have been for a longggggg time, so this was 100% for no one else but myself- which made me second guess if this was worthwhile. Even without having seen my images yet, I can say with confidenct that it was worth every second, and every penny. Who needs a man to validate them and their beauty anyway?! This is for me!! Thank you so much Rachel and Lindsey for making me feel rediculously beautiful! ”
- Abbey Corbett


I had a great experience with Rachel. When they advertised to be a "world renowned" Bodouir photographer they meant it! She is the best of the best,cannot find anything like it ! She has a great talent and has a special way to make you feel good about yourself. My experience from the start to end are seamless, Sean her husband is great to deal with, good customer service and fast response on all your inquiries. Her make-up artist Lindsay is excellent and knows how to make you look good on Rachel's Lens. If anybody is thinking to do something nice to yourself Rachel company is highly recommended. I'm already planning for my next session with her again. ”
- Maggie Posadas-Worsfold

So much fun...

Thanks, Rachel, for a fun session in NYC on Saturday! I was really nervous while sitting in make-up, but once we started shooting it felt like it all just came naturally. Can't wait to see the pics...
You definitely got this siren on the hook! ”
- Simone

Rachel Got me out of Mommy Mode

I had been "stalking" Rachel Stephens Photography for at least three years - envious of the beautiful women on the site and always coming up with a reason NOT to take the plunge--like gaining post-baby weight! But with encouragement from friends who have done similar shoots for themselves and the fact that I'm turning the big 4-0 this year, I decided it was TIME. I was SUPER nervous before my session, nearly canceling last minute! But Rachel and make-up artist Lindsey put me immediately at ease. (It helped that Lindsey had great taste in music!) Rachel had this natural ability of pulling out my inner Beyonce who I sort of knew was in me but HELLO I had no idea to what extent! The session was SO MUCH FUN. I am more than happy that I finally had the guts to do it. She showed me a few preview shots from her camera and my jaw dropped. I looked pretty amazing and I have her to thank. I can't wait to see the final product and to show my husband, too. ”
- Melanie

For a great time, call Rachel Stephens Photography!

I'm not a lingerie kind of gal; I prefer au naturel or my lava lava (sarong) and a flower in my hair! Lindsey did a wonderful job on my makeup-it was sexy glam but still me! Rachel asked what I was thinking about and used her creative genius to do some really fun things. I'm very comfortable in my skin and with how my body has evolved but Rachel has a way of genuinely making you feel even better about yourself! If you have the opportunity to do a session with Rachel, I highly encourage you to do it! Not only will you get some awesome photos, you will walk away with a new friend!”
- Anna


Rachel and her team have amazed me, beyond all of my expectations! Comfortable, profesional, personable art! Our time was fun and enjoyable, and she really had incredible talent! ”
- B

Stellar Experience, Not to be Missed!

This is my second time with Rachel and it won't be my last! I am so excited to see what magic she turned our maternity photos into - she's amazing!! If you're on the fence on whether this experience is for you, Siren Up and get on board! ”
- Inez


Rachel - thank you so much for this fantastic experience!I was nervous and not sure what to expect, but you and your team put me completely at ease. The shoot was actaully very fun, and you are so wonderful to work with. The proofs are way beyond my expectations!!! I am so thrilled with them, and can not wait to receive my order. Thank you thank you thank you!!!”
- Liz

SO much fun!

Had a blast at the photo shoot. Lindsey made me look amazing and Rachel is hilarious. I can't wait to see how my photos came out, and am already planning wardrobe for my next shoot when they come back to my area again!”
- Emmy

Amazing Experience!

From the first time ever wearing false eyelashes(wow) to the first time ever taking my clothes off for photographing, this is a first class experience hands down! I would highly recommend this experience to any woman who wants to feel good about herself, or even to just show off a bit.....thank you Rachel!”
- Joyce

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for an unforgettable photo shoot. I will always remember this!! You have made me more confident and actually feel beautiful with myself. Struggling with breast cancer two years ago and having it come back again...I almost gave up!! The conversation that we had during the photo shoot you gave me so much confidence with myself!! Thank you.”
- Donna Marie Gogue

Everything and then some!!!

I had the best time from the time I walked on to the porch till I walked out of the door everyone was nice and all I did was laugh and have a great time with some amazing people!!! Rachel is the best of the best!! I have already told all my friends and can't wait to show them my pictures to show them how awesome she is!!!!!
- Shawn

My husband is going to die when he sees these!

Thank you so much for being the conduit for my "always thought about it, but never acted on it" photo session! I have told all my friends about this and how liberating it makes you feel! Someday when I am old, fat and happy I will have these pictures to remind me of just how amazing I used to be! You're grandma used to look like a pin up girl, etc! hahaha Mahalo Rachel and Lindsay.
- Christian Whitney

Life changing!!

My session with Rachel was just amazing! Both she and Leslie were so immediately approachable and put me at ease. The ladies I got to meet as I arrived and as I were leaving felt like immediate siren sisters and I've never felt more confident, beautiful and powerful. I can't wait to see my images and I highly recommend this experience to any woman who wants to reconnect to her inner siren!”
- Marlene Maryanopolis


I did the mini session with my husband... I was nervous for like 5 seconds but Rachel totally made us feel super comfortable and made it fun. My husband wasn't really into it at first but thanks to Rachel for making him laugh the whole time at the end he really enjoyed it. Thank You so much we really had fun and enjoyed it a lot.”
- Nicole

How 'Luki got her groove back

mos def 5!”
- Aluki Brower


It has been my desire for years to do a boudoir photo shoot. I finally got my chance this past Sunday. It was an incredible experience. I felt so alive, confident & sexy. Can't thank you enough Rachel for your patience, guidance and encouragement through the shoot. I had so much fun and you're positively a joy to work with. Just the previews from your camera bought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to see my photos and proudly show them off to my husband. I'm already looking forward to next time. My husband has asked to join for a couples session.
I can't forget Lindsey…thank you the beautiful hair & flawless makeup. I totally loved the look.
It was a pleasure to meet you ladies. Thank you again. See you in November.

*If you haven't had the Rachel Stephens experience. I highly recommend you do. Rachel & her team makes everything so easy from booking to your photo shoot. Come join the Siren Family.
- T


First time ever to do a photo shoot, Always wanted to try, but never got around to it. At first, I was very nervous and shy, of course, i was half naked...When Rachel started to snapping away, a new me arose, for some reason, it felt as if I did this before, I was no longer that shy nervous person...She helped bring the confidence out in myself again...and glad that I earned my stripes as a mother of three:) I HIGHLY Recommend you do it...I waited years to do it...But so glad that I did!”
- Alicia Jiminez

APRIL 14th 2013 Hawaii

Thank you Rachel and Lindsey for bringing out the siren in me. 3 kids later , being a wife and carrying a full time job leaves me feeling burnt out, tired and anything but beautiful. The both of you were so inspiring and helped me to awaken the tigress within. Mahalo from Hawaii and certainly planning for a sequel now that I know what to expect!
- H.Hokulani Porter

Exceeded my expectations!

What sums up my experience with Rachel the best is that I wish I would have upgraded to a full session! It was such a wonderful experience. She made me feel so comfortable with my body and made me feel absolutely beautiful. I really hope that she comes back so I can do a full session, and get all my friends to experience her as well! I can't wait to see the pictures!!”
- Macarena

Professional sisterhood

Rachel was a total professional and I had a complete blast working with her. Everything was well organized, efficient, and completely comfortable and fun. This is one talented, smart, sassy, and intelligent business woman that I will probably work with again! I may be hooked....and I anticipated referring more ladies your way Rachel!”
- Heather


I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience! Rachel is a pleasure to work with. The photo shoot was so much fun! Rachel was funny, easy-going and the pictures came out better than i could have hoped. Lindsay did a great job on my hair and make-up and Sean was quick to help with a scheduling issue that arose. Overall a great experience!!!”
- Rachel

I Will be Back!!

Rachel did a great job making me feel comfortable and she was very warm in her personality but very professional. I was new to this but it was very easy to read her during the shoot. I can't wait to see my finished product. I would definitely return.

Thanks ,
Angie from DC booking
- Angie

Love Her!!!

This was my second time having a photo session with Rachel. The first time was a wonderful experience and I didn't believe it could get any better. This time around (Washington, DC Sirens 518) I felt even more relaxed and beautiful. She has this way of bringing the best out of you. Everything was on schedule and I left feeling great. I know I will be back for another session in the future.”
- Garnett McNeill


I had a great time! Thanks for helping me break out of my shell..”
- Sherri

The Absolute Best

Can't say enough wonderful things about Rachel and the photoshoot. Rachel put me at ease immediately and has a great sense of humor. She kept me laughing and made me feel totally comfortable. I was shocked when I saw some of the photos and thought "that's me?" Thank you for bringing out my inner diva!”
- Tara

May 19 Session - DC

Both Lindsay and Rachel quickly put me at ease making me feel sexy and empowered! Treat yourself ladies; you won't be sorry!”
- Suzanne Duvall


I did this as a birthday gift with one of my girlfriends (to scratch it off her "bucket list") and had the best time. It's nothing I would have ever done other wise yet I'm so happy that I was AMAZING! Can't wait to see the final results...THANK YOU!!!”
- March Bell-Daniels


She has amazing energy. Very social, can relate. Knows her camera well. She is a phenomenal photographer. Never met a better person who can capture what I want in a photo.”
- corine

Not gonna lie

I'm not going to lie...I was nervous...anxious and downright ready to turn around when I got to the hotel. But then I remembered...I'm a Siren. She told me so. I was in good hands. I knew that. I had to believe that all the work I had done for myselfby myself leading up to this moment of freedom was enough. Then the process started. Everything Rachel said would happen did happen. The hair and make up process was amazing (thanks Lindsey). They were on-time and professional. And funny. And honest. And direct. And amazing. And comforting. And real. I didn't really have the stereotypical outfit. That was ok. Rachel moved me at first bc she could tell that it wasn't going to turn out right if she left it up to me. Eventually, when it was almost time to go, I was feeling it. And now, I know I have to do it again bc I will OWN it next time. I can't wait to see the results. The results of my ability to show the world the work I have done on my body. 80 lbs of flesh gone and now the weight of the world is off of my shoulders. Thanks for the gift Rachel.”
- Amy A

Simply the BEST

Rachel, Lindsey, and Sean: Thank you all so much for everything you do for us! Your clients are the happiest and most beautiful women in the world and we are blessed to have such an amazing team working so hard to make us feel beautiful and confident. Rachel, from the moment I step in the room with you I feel like I am with a friend and feel at ease. Your talent is truly amazing and women--young and old--around the world benefit from seeing themselves photographed beautifully. After two sessions with you, I am still looking forward to the next one (hopefully a couple's session!) and will continue to refer friends to you. Thank you for all you do, I will see you again soon.”
- Charity


This was such an amazing experience--I cannot say enough good things about it! Rachel (and Lindsay) were fantastic, fun and professional. Can't wait to do it again :) xoxo”
- Deb Langley

Oh, yeah!

Rachel made me feel like we were two girlfriends who had known each other forever, hangin' out and taking sassy pics. I had a blast and felt beautiful and confident the entire time. I can't wait to do another session with her!”
- Nora


What a great experience. I walked in a bundle of awkward nerves and walked out confident, laughing, and feeling more connected to the beauty within myself -- and not a fake beauty because my makeup and hair were done (fantastically, by the way) but a true inner beauty. What a powerful thing! Rachel has a gift, and I'm so grateful she was able to share that gift with me! I know I paid her to take my picture, but I think what she really gave me is priceless. ”
- Erica M

Simply AMAZING!!

Rachel ~

I just wanted to say thank you so much! Last night was amazing! I am still riding the high!! I never thought I would feel so comfortable with someone I didn't know and taking my clothes off in front of a camera. But you are the best!! The singing, dancing and laughing made it feel like you were one of my girlfriends and were having girls night in :). I can't wait to see the photos and maybe even see you again in NYC next year!!! YOU truly are the best!! ”
- Heather

You owe it to youself

This was a fantastic experience. Rachel is so much fun. Lindsey did a Beautiful job with Makeup. Loved what She did For My eyes. Rachel Instantly puts you at ease. She is an Absolute Riot. Every woman should have this done, don't wait. It doesn't matter If you are carrying a few extra pounds or whatever excuse you may be using to talk yourself out of having this done. As a wife and mother of 7 children also working full time, I do not have much time to workout so I am by no means perfect or as fit as I would like to be. The whole experience was a lot of Fun. The Location had Lots of great areas to shoot in. I can't wait to see The Photos. I Know that my husband and I are going to have a wonderful time going through the photos once they are ready for viewing. I had such a good time that I told my husband I want to do again next year as a couple session. Ladies invest In yourself you will be so happy that you did. I know I am. A great Big Thank you to Rachel and Lindsey. Lets not forget Sean who is very easy to work with when scheduling your session and payments. ”
- Vanessa


From the moment I walked in all my nerves went away, the Make Up Artist is so friendly and made me feel beautiful and glamorous.
Rachel is amazing!!!!
Not in my wildest dreams ever thought I would feel with so much confidence in taking my clothes off and have pictures taken of my body. My husband can't wait to see them and neither can I.
Thank you some much for this unforgettable experience and I'm sure it won't be my last. ”
- doris cortez

Lost... and found, and lots of fun!

I had been eagerly awaiting Sunday, July 14th, had thought and thought about what to wear, what kind of hair and makeup did I want, etc., etc. So came Sunday, I headed out in what I thought was plenty of time, but then I took a wrong turn, and the time was getting closer to my session time. PANIC! I called Lindsey, said I was lost, and would be a few minutes late, and she said not to worry. I got turned around, got on the right road, and got there a few minutes later, and everything went fine after that! It was a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to seeing the end results!”
- Sue Gardner

Fast and Fantastic

Lauren, the make up artist, found a perfect medium between two incredibly different looks ( smokey and dramatic vs natural)

Rachel, in a word, is hilarious. I love her. I actually think that she might have been a sailor or pirate in a past life. What I mean is that she thinks like a man, in a good way. She can get your in a frame of mind to belook sexy and feel that way too.

We had a blast, It was a fast shoot. But every bit was productive.

I cant wait to see the end result all edited!! xoxo”
- Marissa Mackay

Women Empowering Women

"Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.
I say,
It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me. "
Maya Angelou

Rachel made me feel like a Phenomenal women during our session. She was hilarious as we both sweated our asses off from the hot new england summer afternoon where trying to stay cool was not an option. This was one of the best moments in my file where I got to share this life altering experience with my bestie and a such a phenomenal artist, photographer, mother and inspiring person that is Rachel Stephens! I can't thank you enough for such awe inspiring amazingly great day!! ”
- Anabela

Awesome experience

Omg! What a phenomenal experience! Rachel and Lindsey both put me at ease and any nerves I had when I got there, instantly went away! Rachel defanitly has an eye for what will look good and I enjoyed seeing her creative juices flow ;) thank you so much for a great morning!”
- Dora Oppedisano

Anxiously Awaiting the "Proof"(s)

Rachel has a rare talent for not only making exquisite photographs, but also for ensuring her subjects feel comfortable and beautiful. Who would have guessed this middle-aged mother and grandmother could feel so sexy? I can't wait to see my photos!”
- Jeanne Wallace-Buckley

Amazing Experience

This experience was amazing. Rachel was super fun to work with and I felt completely comfortable the whole time. This was something that I wanted to do for myself. I felt beautiful and sexy in a very tasteful way. I am definitely planing on doing this again!”
- Ali LeBlanc

Wow...lacking in confidence no more

I am a photographer yet am rarely, if ever, photographed. I have never been happy with myself. This is something I had wanted to do for years but was always too fat, too this or too that but as the years passed I realized I wasn't the things I thought I was. Rachel really showed me that. Lindsey made me feel more beautiful than I had felt in years, put me at ease and then Rachel came in and did her thing. Not only did I end up nude and not feel awkward about it (my husband would be amazed at this point as I won't even undress in front of him) but I loved seeing the way she saw me.

I recommend Rachel and Lindsey to every woman. No matter who you are, what you look like or what you think you look deserve this! I can't wait to do it again! Thank you Rachel, Lindsey and Sean! You made this experience one I will never forget! Can't wait for next time!”
- Leslie R


I have been wanting to do this for several years. I have looked at all the beautiful images that Rachel captures and as a single Mom it took a lot to finally go for it. I am so glad I did. Rachel and her team are TERRIFIC. I felt like a queen. What could have been awkward and uncomfortable was so fun and easy. Thanks so much for everything. =)”
- Kristi Pinocchio


Any feelings of nerves quickly dissipated in the presence of Lindsey and Rachel. They are consumate professionals and know just how to be with you to make it fun and have you feel at ease. Although it was totally out of character for me to sign up for this, I don't regret it for a second! I have already started plotting about which friends I will talk into going with me next time!”
- Erin

Pure, unadulterated girl power

From the moment I was greeted at the door to the minute I walked out I couldn't have felt more appreciated for just being me. I came armed with what I felt comfortable with and these wonderful ladies embraced it and helped me rock it. Never felt judged only loved.

It was a wonderful experience and I can't wait for the next opportunity.

- Cara Ricci

Life altering!!

This may be one of the most fantastic things a woman can do for herself. Rachel is magic. Pure magic. She instantly put me at ease, and within minutes we were laughing and cracking jokes like we had been friends for years. I walked into my session a broken woman. I am in the midst of a long, drawn out divorce with a man who completely broke my spirit. I walked out of my session with a new view on life, and more importantly, on myself. I have never seen myself in the light that Rachel captured me in, and I think it's about time I did. Thank you, Rachel, for truly changing my outlook on life!!!”
- Emmy Eichner

Exhilarating, Confidence Boosting & True Compassion

Thank you for making this an experience I will cherish for my life time! My honey will also appreciate my experience when he recieves a surprise gift! I can't wait to blow his mind!
Rachel, you made me feel free, extremely confident, respected and comfortable. I love your honesty, humor, laughter and the way you conduct your business. No room for bs and in return a superior product!!!!
Little did I know I couldwould become that girl you see in the magazine, you know, the one you wish you could pose like, look like, feel like...........well, forever on print and in my heart, I am that girl! Me! In the raw, uninhibited, classy and sexy!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You are a ROCKSTAR!!! I'll be back!!!
<3 Your newest Siren, Kelli <3”
- Kelli

Truly amazing!

I want to write Rachel an amazing review but I'm not sure my words will be good enough for the job. Working with Rachel was eye-opening. She's so professional in her emails I didn't expect that I'd be 1000% comfortable the entire session and joking with her the whole time to boot! Rachel is a supremely talented woman, not just in her photography but in her people skills; she's bettering the world one woman's improved outlook at a time- THANK YOU, RACHEL!!”
- Claire

Fabulous experience

Thank you Rachel for making the photoshop a delightful experience. I felt at ease. You were sensitive to my sensitivity to light as well as my vision. I can't wait to see the results.”
- Natalie

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Boudoir Photography Review From New York


“Rachel Thanks so much for a great shoot on Sat! I wanted to get you a review while it was still fresh  I had soooo much fun and Rachel you made the whole experience so fun and easy and I DEF want to do a full session when you come back to NYC!! you’re the best!!” –Barbara, NYC

Boudoir Photography Review from Hawaii


“I had my Boudoir session with Rachel Stephens Photography for Women on Saturday; all I can say is WOW! Both she and Lindsey are so amazing! I was certain that I would be so nervous and self-conscious that I would freeze up. NO WAY! This was such an empowering experience. Not once did I feel uncomfortable. Actually, it was quite the opposite! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Aloha pumehana, Rachel and Lindsey!” – Lisa, Honolulu

Boudoir Photography Review From Boston


“I had my Boudoir Session done last night with Rachel Stephens Photography For Women, and I fell in love. With me…I felt so beautiful when I left the hotel. I felt special…something I haven’t felt in a long time. I felt that I was the absolute most gorgeous woman rachel has ever photographed. Rachel made me feel this way. I needed that at this point in my life. I am not comfortable in my own skin. I’m not the type to even strip down in bed, but within 30 minutes of meeting Rachel I was naked and loving it!!! Last night was the beginning of a new me…a more daring, more confident me. It might sound silly ( or maybe you hear this all the time) but Because of you, I’m going to be a better me. I never felt so included, safe (to share my secrets) and beautiful before. Rachel and her makeup artist felt like old friends to me when I left….not judgemental or just that I was there so they could make a buck. I wasn’t rushed, I wasn’t laughed at, I was a Siren!! You have been given a calling. A calling to make women feel important and beautiful no matter what size they are. And thats important because its easy to feel ugly in this day and age. This was the best thing I’ve done in forever!!! Thank You And I will be taking you out for drinks soon (I’m going to become a Rachel Groupie)!!!!” –Taryn, Boston

Boudoir Photography Review from Las Vegas


I have been wanting to be photographed by Rachel for a couple of years but have been too shy insecure to do so. In the meantime, I did research other “boudoir” photographers. I have to tell you, nothing compared! Rachel Stephens is in a class by herself. Nothing I saw was as classy, sexy, seductive or as professional and all done very tastefully. Customer service was immaculate from booking to end. Rachel and Sean have made this the best…easy and comfortable. With hesitation I booked, pushed it out of my mind until the shoot. I was very nervous (I don’t have a great body and not a beauty queen) but all that went away as soon as I met Rachel. Even after the shoot I was nervous that my husband wouldn’t like and it was going to be his Valentine’s present! Well, he absolutely loved the teaser pics and was so happy looking at the proofs and choosing our pics for the products, even without retouching!!!! I can see how the name “Siren” fits in with all of this. I’ve never felt sexier and more of a woman! I, too, feel like a Siren. This was exactly my goal and I can’t wait for all my pictures to arrive. My husband reminds me everyday how “awesome” the pictures were and he can’t wait to get the finished product! Definitely doing this again next time you come here and this time including my hubby. Thank you Rachel!!!!!