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Rachel Stephens Photography for Women

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Rachel Stephens Photography for Women

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Rachel Stephens Photography for WomenRachel Stephens Photography for Women


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]( "Thank you for all the beautiful work you do. It is so empowering and inspiring. Your work helps so many women. One portrait at a time, you are helping transform the negative culture into a respectful, positive world for women." Facebook Fan Christine Feb 9 2013

Jetsetting Boudoir Photographer, Boudoir Workshop Teacher, Photoshop Ninja, Photoshop Actions Creator, Mother, Wife and Aficionado of Happy Chaos.

Rachel is an award winning, internationally published female boudoir photographer who photographs upwards of 500 women every year. Women just like herself, just like you, women who always dreamed of being photographed but never liked having their picture taken. Women who do not associate themselves as sexy or beautiful. And I will bet that looking through Rachel's portfolio of actual boudoir sessions with real clients, not models, you cannot tell any of these women had those kinds of feelings. They all had one thing in common: They trusted Rachel to capture beautiful, alluring and powerful images of them, of their essence as women and in doing so, they become Sirens.

Rachel travels the country year round shooting boudoir portraits in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, NYC, DC, Honolulu

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"Just finished my boudoir photo session from this morning and feel great! Lindsey and Rachel were amazing and even though I was a bundle of unsureness made sure I left there completely confident in the woman I am. Thank you so so very much!"


"I feel so lucky and blessed to be affiliated with you and your beautiful, classy, artistic work! You will never know just how many women you have touched and changed. Bless you for that. ♥"


"I've been having a rough couple weeks and lacking in the confidence department greatly. I just wanted to say thank you for boosting me up again; because I got onto your Facebook fan page, looked at my teasers from my handful of sessions with you, saw all of the likes, comments, and compliments...and it just shot me right out of my funk. Even if for a minute, its all I could ask for. So thank you for reminding me that I'm powerful, feminine, beautiful, and an overall force to be reckoned with. Your work truly does do great things for women everywhere. I'm so glad I found you, got to know you, and became a continual advocate for your work as a Momma Siren! You mean so much to me, and all of the Siren family!! Thank you again!! I'll definitely have to plan another pow-wow with you soon!! :-)"


"Rachel, I just had to write an enthusiastic post to thank you for the recent work you did for me. I recently received my prints from my boudoir session with you. I know I don't have to tell anyone here how truly AMAZING they are. And how TALENTED you are. THANK YOU so much for these remarkable photos, Rachel. I treasure them. But more than the photos, thank you for helping me see the beauty in me. Hopefully, my uber delight with the images will serve as encouragement to help others take the Siren plunge!

I've hidden from cameras ALL my life. In fact, during our shoot when Rachel showed me an image she had just shot, I burst into tears. I didn't recognize that woman in the frame. And it wasn't because I'd gone all "glam" with the makeup. I'd opted for a more "natural" look. It was life changing to see "me" for the first time without all the self-imposed “filters” I’ve created for what I “think” I look like. closing confessional door So my point here is to encourage each of you to seize the opportunity to do a Siren session with Rachel. Please give yourself the gift of affirming your beauty. No matter what you “think” you look like, Rachel will capture the “real” you. The fantastic, beautiful “you” that your loved ones see and love. I know you have the same concerns as I do. To be polite here, because I don’t have to name all the (sometimes imaginary) things that we obsess about; I’ll just mention weight, scars, and symmetry. Seeing yourself as a Siren can be your first step to accepting and loving yourself without reservation. I sincerely hope that those of you who are hesitant because you don’t think you can “look like those women”, will make a leap of faith and give yourself the chance to shine."